We purchased a brand new riding lawnmower even after renting one from another Aaron's store.Both times the mower cut terribly uneven.

The first store did send me monthly statements and "serviced" the mower twice trying to fix the problem. The second delivered the brand new mower and sent a store manager to our home with a lengthy contract for us to sign. When I contacted the store about my statement or even to inquire about how much my paymt was, I was informed I was 3 days late and had to pay that day "or else". I told them I was making my paymt on Friday, 3 days later, but it wasn't good enough for the man on the phone.

I told them not only did it chop up my yard but I had to air the front tires before using it.

My husband called them and told them to come get it.Now I have a bill for $800 and the fine print on the contract states that by the time I paid the 24 months, I would have paid $3400 plus for this BOBO mower.

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i have had several things i purchased at arrons in perry ga.the people there have always been very nice.

i realize my credit is not the best in the world (but working on it) ona fixed income. never had aproblem with them, but have always payed on time are before due date. and every time i am in the shpping center i stop by to see the new items they have, and they tell me any thing i want in store just let them know. have purchased a frig, dryer, laptop.

all have been very good with no problems.so if you dont want problems with arrons pay on time?

to Anonymous Shamokin, Pennsylvania, United States #829893

Thats true ive been with them2 yrs and never had a problem I love them they always look out for me and even come to my house tojoke around they love my cooking and I pay on time always shamokin pa

Macclenny, Florida, United States #679674

Hey to the person who said you don't read contracts.This company is ruthless.

Our tv was stolen and they said" It sounds like an inside job, you still owe for it. " Even with a police report. Only after calling the district manager did they take it off the account. They said I still owed, even if it was stolen.

I told them they had insurance on their item - as I did not own it outright yet and could not get insurance on a rental.Oh well, live and learn I guess.

to Dah Florissant, Missouri, United States #965366

Hi my name is will im buying a washer an dryer an couch from them an they been good to me they call an let me know what they got new but you in a contract with them an some body stole your things you are still responsible for it


So you don't read contracts before reading them?


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