I have never set food inside of any Aarons store at all, period.

Yet on November, 14 two employees of Aarons arrived at my home in a box truck.

They asked if I was Darren, to which I replied no.

They asked if he was around, having no idea who this person is I told them as much.

The larger of the two men, then told me that he had personally delivered an entertainment center and television to this "darren" at my address and then tried stepping around me and saying he was "just going to take a look around".

I closed my door, stepped further onto the deck and told him we have lived here over ten years, no "darren" has lived her at any time during those ten years and that under no circumstances will they be entering my house. I assured them they must have the wrong address.

The man told me he knew "darren" had moved and they just needed the stuff. Once again and slightly angrier this time I told them I don't know a "darren" and that he has never lived here.

The two finally slowly started making their way back to the truck. Not before asking me if I knew where "darren" was and telling me I could be arrested for theft. The two then added that "maybe they would just come back and do it the hard way" whatever that meant and one asking the other if he ever "got more ammo for the piece".

I went in, locked the doors, and retrieved my personal firearm.

I called the police who asked me if they were still there and told me I would need to file a report at the station.

I called Aarons and was told a manager would be in touch. A few hours later an anonymous Aarons rep told me they had "resolved the issue" and that "it was over."

I assume they realized their mistake but the fact remains these two minimum wage thugs were at my private home attempting to gain illegal access and making numerous threats and accusations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

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Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your review and for bringing this to my attention. I am very sorry to hear the way your local Aaron's and its employees handled this situation and the negative experience you received. I'd be happy to further look into this.

At your earliest convenience, will you please contact me by calling me at 678-402-3403 or emailing Response@aarons.com with your name, store location, and the best contact number / email to reach you at.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and I look forward to hearing from you.




Make up your mind - is it Aaron's or RAC as in the previous complaint? And were they looking for Ronnie or Darren? I'm not sure what your motive is but you are clearly lieing or delusional.



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