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I bought a laptop from the Arons in Iowa City. I paid my bill before due every month through the 5th month.

That month my son was critically injured in an accident in Indiana. I left to go be with him and his family. I could not pay the payment until the beginning of the following month. In the meantime, my family had to deal with Nikki who called on a daily basis to them.

They told her the circumstances, but she continued to call. I finally called and talked to Will who was very nice and said that I could pay it when I returned on the 4th of the month. At that time I paid 2 months. Unfortunately, I had to enter the hospital a month later and was unable to make the payment on time which was the 15th.

My family explained the situation and stated that I would contact them after I was out of the hospital. Nikki continued to call and harrass them. She was extremely rude. The laptop had been stolen during my trip to Indiana.

She told me that I would still have to pay for it. They didn't have insurance to cover it. The day I got out of the hospital I talked with Nikki. I was supposed to stay in bed so I told her I could have someone bring money the next day.

She informed me that that was not good enough. She said she had to have the money before 5 that day. Since that was not possible, I thanked her and hung up. Two days later, Nikki called again.

She was very rude as usual. I told her I offered to make a payment the day after she called and she said that was not good enough. She said she did not say that. Three people heard it as I was on speaker phone.

She said she had told me that since I didn't have the laptop that I could pay $50 per month until it was paid off. I told her she did not tell me that and she became very rude and beligerent. I have agreed to pay it off, but I do not ever want to deal with them again.

If you are in a customer service job, there is never a reason for being rude.

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