Columbia, South Carolina

i purchase a refrigerator from them in florence,sc. it went out wouldnt replace it and pretty much told me they didnt care.

they all ready try to fix the problem and just shot it with gas instead of getting the system leak fix. still put it back on much for a good customer. will not go back.aarons youll need to treat good customer right.

call there corp off and they told me the same thing.please any body who read these post please listen cause it true. i just lost $800 wish i wouldve went some where else

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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this guy is an ***, i mean did a 5 year old write this complaint. im sure whatever happened was what was supposed to happen or he damaged it himself and aarons does not cover that.


Well it turns out that I called Aaron's yesterday to find out how their company works and how much it is to rent a laptop from there. I spoke with a gentleman named Robert who told me it would be $113 total for the month everything included and that he would put the laptop aside for me until I picked it up.

Well I fill out everything, I was charged $171 and when I asked for the laptop I was told oh sorry you have to wait until later today to find out if you are approved. So in essence I paid $171 for something that I never received and now they are avoiding my calls and saying whenever we decide if you are approved or not we will call you. They tell me the gentleman handling my case has been on break for the past three hours.

At first, I was willing to refer others, now seeing how they work I will never refer anyone because the way I see it is that they are running a scam. They took money and did not give us what we paid for.


Ive been with Aarons since 2004 and ive never been so mad for their customer service. We recently had a bad two week snow storm plus the store was closed plus we were snowed in our house so we couldnt go into the store to make our payment.

I have had a total of 22 accounts and paid all of them off but today for being two wks behind my husband and myself got talk to so badly i wanted them just to pick my tv up. When i called the so call regional manager he talk so bad to me on the phone we went into the store and he admitted he was being an ***.

He also told us when were were and were'nt gonna make our payment on time then told us yes it sounds like im judgeing but O well. This manager has only been in there for six weeks, after this account i will never get anything from Aarons and will make sure my friends and family never steps foot in the door.


I apologize that you are having issues with one of our Aaron's locations. I would like to speak with you in reference to your complaint and see if I can help resolve the issue.

Please contact me at 678-402-3403 or email me at and I look forward to speaking with you soon!



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