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my name is scott kensinger I live in Cheyenne wy and have rented from your store from day 1 my wife as rented all so she hade problems with a chair they replaced the chair when she went to pay the last payment she let them now that the chair was bracking down like the other one did they said that they would replace it its been a year or longer and it still as not been replaced I paid off a 43' tv they tacked me in to getting a 73' tv they could not get me a new one so they told me that they would take 6 mth off and I still have not got it taken off we have been through 3 managers and still nothing is being done I cant understand how this can be allowed I would like to get this right my next step I realy don't wont to do but what chose do I have scott kensinger (pissed off)

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Hi Scott,

I read your complaint about Aaron's false advertising practices. My law firm is investigating claims against Aaron’s misleading advertising and confusing pricing. If you are interested in learning more and becoming part of the lawsuit you can contact me , Patrice Sandhu, at psandhu@susmangodfrey. com or Katherine Hoek at khoek@susmangodfrey.



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #649899

Yes because managers dont put the info in the F8 note, If they do, the new manager knows that he will lose money so he pretends that it is novel to him. You have leverage, tell them to take the six months off or to give it to you for fair market value(aka book value whats left). If not, refuse to make a payment and once you enter the 17-31 days non renewed you will have their complete attention.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #639446
Aarons Verified Representative

Hi Scott - I am sorry to hear of your customer service issue with your local Aaron's store. Please know that customer service is our #1 priority and we greatly appreicate you bringing this to our attention.

To further resolve could you please email me at with your local Aaron' store information, any additional details you would like to include and the best contact phone number to reach you. You may also contact me directly at 678-402-3403.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks - Jessica

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