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I worked at the Madison Ohio store (C0745) for almost two years. I was hired with tattoo's.

In the meantime, I won "Best Product Technician in the Region 2017". My GM Robin Hanna decided that since Mark from corporate was going to pay us a visit, I needed to cover my tattoos...that I was hired with. I refused, since my delivery partner also has tattoos, but was never told to cover HIS. She told me I HAD to, and that "she didn't know my partner had tattoos".

She DID know, since we constantly made fun of the fact that he had a Monster logo as a tattoo on his hand. I told her I would finish my deliveries, and leave, since she couldn't consistently adhere to "corporate policy". (She left the back door open and unattended constantly, which is grounds for immediate dismissal, left early A LOT, and was forever forgetting to do important tasks, like schedule deliveries, ect). I had had enough!

It wasn't worth the small amount they were paying me anyhow, and now I make 400+ more a month working for a very organized and rewarding job.

Thanks (for nothing) Aaron's! lol.

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Thank you for brigning this to ur attention. We wish you much success!!

Thank you,


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