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I have bought several things from aarons including furniture, laptops, desktops, washers, and televisions. Never EVER again.

I paid almost 3 thousand dollars fir a television that is worth maybe 800 (yep the price of having not great credit at the time) only to have my TV 2 months out of warranty give out. You think aarons would give me a great price on something or try and make it right by having the TV repaired...? You know since they've made 7 times profit off of me in JUST this one sale? Nope.

They dont care.

Sabe your money and buy a product when you can afford it. Dont let these crooks rip ypu off with subpar merch at 7 times the price.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Rca Tv Rental.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Aarons Verified Representative


Oh NO, this is very unfortunate. We greatly appreciate your business and value you as a cusotmer.

We would love to look more into this for you and see if there is something that can be done. We can be reached at myexperience@aarons.com. Please include you first and last name, phone number and zip code in the email.

We look forward to adressing this issue.

Thank you,


to LuckyDogCares #1415647

Message sent as follows:

To whom it may concern; 

      I was contacted by message from Kayla on a site I complained about this issue on. It is review 1164620 on pissedconsumer.com. 

Let me start by saying I have used Aaron's in the past to buy a living room set, 2 laptop computers, a desktop computer, a washer, two televisions and more.

I have always paid everything off in a timely manner and my account is great standing. 

On September 3 2015 I purchased a LCD flat screen TV. Model SLD65A55RQ. The cost was $1,795.56 before interest and after all is said and done I paid almost $3,000 for this television. In my research (which should have been done prior to this purchase) I have learned this TV goes for 300.00 to 779.00 at competing stores.

I understand that having not so great credit at the time is why I paid so much over the ticket value, however I feel that this mark up is insane even for a rental center. That being said that's not even my complaint. 

Two MONTHS out of warranty for this insanely expensive television (in December) the LED panel went out without further ado or any warning. I called around to have it fixed, finding nowhere that would take it on...and to their credit my local Aaron's agreed to have it sent to service to see if it could be salvaged. They called to let me know it couldn't be and there was "nothing" they could do.

Nothing you can do? For a long standing customer who paid you SEVEN to NINE times what a product was worth to only find out that product was evidently faulty to begin with? You may say the burden lies on the shoulders of RCA for manufacturing junk, however I beg to differ. For RCA knew it was a low end pile and thus priced it very low.

For $350.00 I would expect 2 years out of it. However for $3000.00 I expect a far superior product. One that is worthy of that price tag, and apparently this store had the confidence in that product to suggest a reason for a price tag that high as well...unless (gasp) they are knowingly ripping people off that are working on their credit problems? I don't think expecting Aaron's to offer a replacement television at cost (the REAL cost not the inflated BS)  is too much to ask but apparently Aaron's feels otherwise.

I will be sure to continue to let people know how much Aarons apparently values their customer base.

Have a great day.  Name and phone deleted from comments but included in message. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

to LuckyDogCares #1416456

Oh UPDATE! Found my receipt.

Not only was I lied to BY Aaron's and given the WRONG purchase date by them! I purchased a 2 month extended warranty through Aaron's service plus that they didn't "see" when I came in. Called corporate and am waiting to hear from their regional manager! I purchased this TV in DECEMBER 2015.

Nice cover up by the store the telling me it was SEPT and there was nothing he could do! Keep your receipts people!

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