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For over a year I've been a customer with Aarons and paid off a freezer with them and also have a contract on a TV and stand and a sofa and love seat. I didn't have problems with the freezer but it took 2 weeks and a complaint to corporate to get the tv delivered.

They gave excuses like we don't deliver on Mondays due to recieving shipments when they set the day up, our driver is out, we over booked and your a return customer so we need to reschedule then going in the store the same day to pay a bill and hearing them tell another customer they could deliver on that day. Now two weeks ago we got a sofa. Well we figured out it wouldn't fit in the house so we went back and choose another sofa. Now 2 weeks later, still no sofa.

The excuses this time, the drivers out sick, problem releasing the sofa due to previous contract, driver's wife was in an accident, and today... the driver called in.

Well I say they need a new driver. This store is in Lenoir, North Carolina.

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Have one agreement with aarons. Havnt been able to pay on line.

No phone no car , would make it easier if the online payment would work. Aarons manager got very snotty with me whwn I told an assoicate I moved and I apoligize for forgetting to tell them


I don't need to talk t you. I already talked to the reginal manager.


I finally got the sofa and love seat. It's a shame it took complaining online to get anything done.

It was like *** hit the fan when they got notice yeasterday. I was at the doctors office and recieved 4 phone calls within an hour. And after they told my husband yesterday morning that they couldn't deliver because the driver was out sick, last night I was told that they had a cancelation and would deliver that night and was told they were staying after closing just for me. Amazing how fast that driver got well.

Anyway I got it and the delivery drivers didn't even know what had happened and were very sweet.

Aarons Verified Representative

@Laauton-Thank you for your feedback. I apologize for your experience currently not being excellent with Aaron's.

Please contact me to further discuss your complaint at 678-402-3403 or by email at

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank You,


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