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I purchased my bed set from this Aaron's, Inc from Sunnyvale. Thinking of having a great experience and the quality of service of the products, I was wrong...

When I thought I was purchasing a brand new bed mattress and bed products, I was actually purchasing nasty, crawling bed bugs. I should of known, it all started from the beginning. From the shipment of the furniture being cancelled and postpone due to furniture damage because of lack of care and caution of the package handlers/drivers. They told me that driver was going too fast and that the headboard was scratched and scraped.

Aaron's Representatives contacted me directly stating that because of this "accident" they need to delay my delivery for another week. Keep in mind that I requested and was confirmed by Aaron's that I would have an early delivery, so I would have it in time before my move-in date. When delivering my mattress the following week, Aaron's Delivery Driver/Package Handler delivered my mattress with no plastic cover but instead just a mattress cloth protector. When I asked the driver, driver stated that the mattress was brand new but it looked like to was used. Hence, the bed bugs...

After two months, I noticed more than 20 black/red spots inside the mattress protector that came from Aaron's as if the bed bugs were suffocate inside the mattress protector, they were all around the mattress. When contacting Aaron's at 1:06am, October 8th, 2016 by email to Markus, Sales Manager who I purchased and made an agreement for the mattress, I was upset and traumatized, I couldn't even sleep in my own bed that night. Later that day, at 9:29am, I was contacted by Aaron's Representative (Delivery Person- who delivered my products), stating to me that they received the email and that Markus was no longer with the company. He then told me that he emailed the Regional Manager- Andy and also contacted Orkin, who will contact me directly.

After many calls to the store about the situation- urging them to pick up the mattress and get it out of my room, about 12:19pm- I then spoke to Ismael- Aaron's Representative that I just needed them to take the mattress out. Ismael then told me that I will have to still make payments on the mattress and it was my responsibility still. I was pissed and frustrated at this point but wanted to keep it professional. Ismael then stated that he didn't to find out if they were able to pick up the mattress or not. At about 2:08pm, I spoke to Ismael again and he stated that the Store Manager was out doing shipments and that he will pick up the mattress by the end of the last shipment. It was about 5:54pm that I contacted the store again and I was told that the shipments are still being done and that two more shipments needed to get done. Finally at 7:50pm, Store Manager Unisex- I am not sure how to spell his name, picked up the mattress and took it out of the room. He told me that Orkin, should be contacting me directly and that he is speaking to his Regional Manager about the situation. When telling him about the situation about Ismael stating that I will have to still make payments his response was "in order for me to not pay for the product/item, Orkin will have to make a report stating that the Bed Bugs came from the mattress not the room.

On October 11th, 2016 Orkin contact me directly and scheduled an appointment to come in and check the situation. Orkin then called later that day stating that they couldn't make it. The Orkin Representative stated that he will be calling me the next day, Orkin did not call until the following day. Orkin Representative called back at 2:05pm Orkin Representative stated that he spoke with Andrew-Regional Manager from Aaron's Company and Andrew stated to him that the store took possession of the mattress that was infested with bed begs and that's where the problem came from, that the premises did not need to be inspected because the problem was resolved and removed from premises. After many attempts to contact Orkin and have them come, I have not yet received any appointment for them to come in. Regional Manager Andy has not yet contacted me directly and Store Manager has not yet contacted me either.

This is very unprofessional from the store and the regional manager Andy to nor apologize for the situation or even go further with an inspection of the infestation. I have to take action on my own hands and went directly to Vice President, Kevin Hrvatin, hopefully Mr. Hrvatin is able to help me and solve this problem. All I am asking from current and future customers to watch what you purchase and make sure to speak out. I will never recommend anyone to purchase from Aaron's Furniture.

If you are thinking of a company like Aaron's because you will like to make payments on your furniture, contact Rent-A-Center better. They can help you and give you brand new things like your contract states.

As of right now, I will have to wait and take it on my own hands and solve the problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mattress.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Aarons Cons: Manager lied about fixing product, Poor customer service, Do not delivery on time.

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This is very unfortunate. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Can you please email us at with the primary name on account, store name, zip code, email address and contact number so we can look more into this for you and hopefully we can get this resolved.

Thank you,


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