Warrensburg, Missouri

I thought I would give Aarons a try....big mistake, I had rented from Cleeks previously and had no problems I rented a Washer and Dryer set labor day weekend of 2009 thier delivery people did not hook up the washer/ dryer so the washer leaked to the lower apartment, they claimed I told them on how ti do wrong again..now I am expereincing harressment they call me serval times a day on what they think I owe them. I have recently had some money problems so I have send a weekly payment and my daughter paids part.

I will be able to cathch up in Sept.

I will be so glad when I paid off washer/dryer. I will never rent from Aaron's again

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So because you were *** enough to tell them the wrong way to hookup the dryer, you want us to boycott them. Ha you are funny.

I thought you were a child at first from your spelling and stuff, but you are actually an adult. They are not harassing you. You owe them money, they have every right to call you for the money you owe them.

I bet if someone owed you money you would do the same. If you have money problems make a budget, don't buy expensive things.


You seriously make me sick not all people are fortunate enough to have a silver spoon in their *** an if they did I bet they would be renting *** from Arron’s huh? Get off your high horse an ***


And as a side note to that if you call an let them no it shouldn’t be an issue. If you miss the arrangement date then yeah call but if someone has already made a arrangement to pay you there no reason to call 10 times a day until they make the payment. If they say the 3 an on the 3 it’s not there call until then do your job

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