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Firstly i would like to start out by saying i walked in and directly to what i wanted to look at which was the tv's. i sat there for close to 25 minuates watching the "staff" talk and laugh with each other while i was waiting to be helped.

Finally i got the attention af the sales person who had tatoo's on her face and was wearing a shirt that i wouldnt expect a *** to wear, but silly me I agree'd to purchase the tv anyway. So i filled out the paperwork which surprisingly wasnt bad. I got called in the back office with the manager and he asked how the service was. i said,"it was close to the worst ive ever had.

he appoligized and said i could deal with him direct, i said ok, we set up a time for the tv to be delivered. we started the paperwork around 12 on a tuesday. the delivery was set up for thursday at 5 pm. Around 630 on thursday i still hadnt heard from them.

My mother called me and said aarons just called to verify that you pay your bills on time. i thought thats weird why are they calling her an hour and a half after the time the tv is sapossed to be delivered? i dismissed it and kept waiting for them. around 7pm i receive another phone call from my landlord saying they just called and left a message at 6:55 asking if i paid rent on time.

he called them back but they were closed. go figure. i dont have my tv there closed and i didnt get a call from them. the following morning my landlord calls me and says he called them and everything was ok.

i then get a phone call from another imcompatent employee stating that before it gets delivered i need to pay a deposit. i told her i already paid and to let me talk to the manager. she told me he wasnt there. i then hung up and called him direct and he said he was sitting in his office looking at her.

i told him what happened and he said it will be delivered today. i said ok and went along with my day at 4pm they call me and say they have to reschedule because they are at my house and no one is there. well im at work there is a note on my account saying the delivery has to be after 5:00 pm. now here we are no tv ounce again and totally pissed at the situation.

To make matters worse i already got the loan and can not back out of it or else it will effect my credit and i dont get my deposit back! so now at there convience of them im waiting for my tv.


Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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That does not happen at all stores that way. I have felt with Aarons many of times and I have never been told a exact time it is always 10-3 or 3-7 weekdays 10-5 on Saturday


i have been doing buisness with Aarons for over 5 years. Bought and paid off several items from them.

And believe me not cheap items either. But this past spring I had to have a new washer. I had just bought a new dryer from them and paid cash for it, so that I didn't need. But being such a good customer.

I went in and bought a new set. I bought a Maytag bravada. The best of the best they said. Yeah right.

Didnt have the set home 2 weeks the washer decides to mess up. So they come and get it, claim to fix it, have it home 2 weeks and guess what? It tore up again. This went on until well you can guess.

The last straw was when the dryer door broke. The latch on it broke and it wouldn't close. Well I went the next day here in the town I live in and bought a brand new whirlpool front loader set, had it financed for 15 months, that is a fourth of what i was giving them for that set and told them to come get theres. I also have a laptop from them I owe 1 1/2 payments on it when it is paid for thats it.

I wont be buying anything else from them. I have always paid my bills on time. But now if I go to buy something from them, you know where if you pay something off you are supposed to get the first payment of your next purchase 1/2 price well I don't no more just because i gave them back that washer and dryer set.

The way i see it they should have kepted there word and sold something that was brand new because them was supposed to be. So take my advise if you can pay cash for it do it, or have it financed some place else do it that way and get it some place else.

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