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Aaron sold me a piece of furnture that was used. I purchased samed day cash and carry.

However, I asked was anything wrong with the furniture and was told no it is just an older model we no longer sale. So I thought it was a god buy at the time. Had it delivered all to discovered the piece is broken. They are dishonest.

They promised to fix the furniture since they sold falsely goods bya company named Quality repair service and a guy named Thomas is rude as *** and in over 2 months have not fixed the furniture.

Needless to say, I am looking to sue the company for damages and distress it has caused my home. Do yourself a favor and look for better buys somewhere else

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Repair.

Monetary Loss: $495.

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I went into the store got a laptop cash and carry a month later th daRn thing stoped working they are a Joke ..i even went to bbb nd filed a omplaint :cry


The do lie! I put money down on a TV about three weeks ago and they are yet to get it in.

They just keep telling us that "The truck hasn't come in yet!" When they told us it would only take a few days!! Well it's been 3 weeks. These guys are jokes man.

Trying to sell us a used TV with scratches and everything for like $150 to 200 less then a NEW one... WHAT A FREAKING JOKE.


I am sure he looked @ what he bought.. as he stated...

purchased samed day cash and carry. so he must have BEEN in the store, and from my believe there's no website to buy...

so U have to physically go into the store.. no matter where it's located.....


I'm sure you got a good deal! They threw the broken part in for free.


did you look at what you bought.. i guess not so you asked for them to *** i think

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