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I agreed to a 12 month term come to discover it was actually a 24 month term. I discovered this by falling behind one month.

I recently had a baby and have been overwhelmed will bills and unexpected appointments.I was actually bot home at the time. The company came to my house while my fiance was holding a 5 days old b.aby and told her if she didn't give them the t.v. They were going to call the police. Really over $115.00 and they room the t.v.

and will not give it back. This place is a scam save your money make due. Its not worth it. I have never been treated this way.

2 guys intimidated a women with a baby. I will be posting to every internet site to make the public aware. I will be posting to facebook and other mass social network sites. This will come back to haunt you karma is a s.o.b.

If they do not resolve this matter I am going to take an add out in the journal star newspaper week after week until it is. Explaining how Aaron's does business in America.

Review about: Aarons Tv Rental.

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You didn't pay. They would have phoned 3 times about this.

Obviously you ignored it. They showed up asking for the TV. Your Wife said no. They did what they legally are entitled to and said they would call the police and the police would have sided with them and let them in to get the TV.

You sign a contract, it is clearly defined. Point being. Don't buy *** you can not afford. Then say but but but but but.

You also did not read the contract about the month terms. Buyer Beware means do the math.


Just after Christmas pull that *** when I am home. I will also be filing a complaint with the states attorney

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