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I am a relatively new customer of Aarons,and after dealing with the attitude of some employees,I am considering canceling my contract as well as spreading the word to friends and colleagues that Aarons is not the place to do business.

It seems to me that once the contract is signed, the politeness and appreciation for your business stops.My complaint concerns one particular employee who neither has the skills or knowledge of how to deal with faithful "on-time" paying customers.

As usual, this young man insists on calling demanding payment when the date due is not over and doesn't give me the time to make my usual on-line payment during business hours.

When this man called with an attitude, I asked why is it his practice to call when there is still six hours left before the stores' closing for me to post my payment, he said a few inaudible words and hung up the phone.

As a business owner, I know all too well how important good customer service is to ensure you not only gain new business,but keep repeat customers as well.Repeat customers are satisfied customers and due to this mans attitude,I not only won't be a repeat customer but I won't recommend Aarons to anyone.

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