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I am a relatively new customer to Aaron Rents.Ever since obtaining an account,there has been one employee in particular that has been consistantly disrespectful.

On the date my payment is due,he calls with a definite attitude requesting payment.I've never been late and when I asked why he would call requesting payment during store hours on the due date(not giving me oppotunity to make the payment on-line as usual)he said a few inaudible words and hung up the phone!

As a consumer and "on time" paying customer,I take offense to this young mans' attitude.It seems to me that the politenss and niceties ended once the contract was signed.

I chose Aarons because I assumed your reputation was in line with the claims made in their t.v.commercials and advertisements...now I'm not so sure.

Because of this man,instead of renting furnishings as well as a computer, I'm seriously considering opting out of my contract and recinding any recommendatons i've made to collegues and friends about Aarons being a place in which they should do business.

I don't know what this employees' problem is, but I do know that I am not the cause.As a business owner,I know the importance of proper customer service, as it is repeat customers that keeps you in business.

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