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my wife and i went to aarons rental to rent a sofa and love seat, we payed for the set and was told it would be saturday this was thursday no problem. then my wife said i really would like to have theother one i said call and talk to luke the manager.she did and he said oh i already had the one you rented rented the assistent manager didn,t know she said can we get the other one at the same price?

he siad look im doing you a favor anyway you return everything youve rented anyway (she,s had a lot of medical problems ) well stuff happens and your makeing money off us anyway.

so i called him and siad why were you rude to my wife, he siad my assistant siad she was rude to her so that makes it right for a proffesional to be rude to the customer (she was,nt rude i was there) is what i told him he siad i take her word over yours i siad are you calling me a lier he siad take it how ever you want to .the aarons is the one in mansura ,the managers name is luke and this is highly un acceptable from a proffesional. granted arons probably will do like there manager and assistant manager and be rude and blow it off i just think consumers ought to know what kind of people aarons rentals in mansua louisiana have working for them totally disrespectfull.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

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LMAO you dont know how to spell said


Shouldn't have happened, although spell check would be a good idea for the complaining party. Unlike Sally, I wouldn't call you idiots, its just hard to read something that is illegible. :upset


sally f off u have no right to judge another ur not god get a life and stop being judgemental emphasis on mental.

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