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Why would you show up at someone's home one day after a due date? That is extremely unprofessional and down right discourteous. I have been a customer with Aarons for over 3 years. I am so livid right now. I called and spoke with Perry (his name was on the door tag left at my home) at the Lafayette,IN (my local store) and all he did was site store policy. I responded, "I was not aware that it was company policy to show up only ONE DAY after payment arangements have been made."

He then proceeded to tell me that he attempted to call prior to showing up. That is just a bold-faced lie. After indicating this information to him, he responded, " was my boss Tim that tried to call you, not me" More lies.

I explained to him that having an Aarons truck parked in front of my house sends a message to my neighbors that I am so delinquent in my payments that someone had to actually drive all the way to Rockfield (about 35 miles away from the nearest store) to collect payment. It indicates to my neighbors that I do not pay my bills. It is flat out embarrassing. All it would have taken to resolve this was a phone call. He then proceeded to tell me, "Well....we were in the area for another customer who was extremely late with their payment. So my boss(TIM) told me to come by your residence as well"

I then hung up on him.

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Not sure about your contract but mine says after 3 days they will make a house call. And to the person saying there is no grace period.....almost every company with decent business practices gives a grace period.

Yeah you might pay a late fee but your services aren't terminated and people aren't at your home until after that period has passed. Even the electric company provides a grace period before they cut your lights off.


There is no grace period. Pay your bills on time, not after it is due.


You have no idea what you are talking about. There is a grace period that was granted by them.


Rent A Center is for people who have tanked their credit and can't get financed. Enjoy your over priced can't get no credit ***.


Aarons Sales and Leasing is NOT Rent A Center. Again, showing your growing ignorance and stupidity. Good luck in the Walmart Greeter business.


what's the grace period that only you were given then?


All of you are just haters. Good customer service is not too much to expect.

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