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On February 2 nd the two delivery mens came to my home and fixed to put headboard in my room and they left and somehow something told me that I had to double checked up and I knew something from there and it was very dirty and not brand new headboard since I went there and asked the manager nicely that I wanted a brand new headboard and he lied to me also mattress had some plastic bad tore up and I won’t sleep on it so I still sleeping on my living couch even I paid my 89.00 dollars and I told them I wanted my 89 dollars back and they won’t give my 89.00 back also the manager was too mean and conned me which they think I’m dumb but I was too way disappointed and disgusted at them of how Aaron’s treated me like a dog. I called Aaron’s headquarters and explained everything and they said it was wrong and asked me sent them my pictures of the furnitures so I sent to them and they got it and said it was wrong also said had the Aaron’s to contact me in 24 to 48 hours then I said ok .

The lady representative was nice and calm understood my situations and said that have my reference nbrs ready in case if the headquarters will contact me again . I was so disappointed,disgusted at Aaron’s they double people ‘s $$$$$$$ even renting dirty furnitures &etc and it never going having new ones. I warn you ,People please wake up !!!

If u want to get a brand new furniture sets and go to Ashley’s furniture, Baddocks furniture, Rooms To Go furniture, ETHAN furniture, any good clean furniture companies that selling or renting a nice fresh sets better than dirty Aaron’s because Aaron’s will not giving people’s refund back nothing even they don’t care about you as they want your double$$$$$ that all plus mattress by plastic bag was tore up that I won’t sleep on that . No way plus headboard was dirty deeper not new and very loose up weak up!!!

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Hi, Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Please send us an email to myexperience@aarons.com that includes the primary name on your lease, the local store that you work with, your email address and your best contact number.

Please include in the email your review number and where you left your review.

Thank you. -Tavius


Hello I did sent them few times with pictures and they sent me with reference nbrs too and do u want reference nbrs ? I knew they don’t care about me !!! They have my home # they know how to call me


Welcome Tavius u can spread on goggle and let people see how dirty furnitures are in there. Lot of disrespectful managers outta there disrespecting good peoples too.

Anita G

Hi Tavius , Here is the Aaron’s furniture store address is 825 S .17 th st Wilmington NC 28401 and My Aaron’s reference nbrs on email # is HSCo335099 and ref #MSG11783143

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