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we went to aarons and found a gathering table and chairs.

we have had it over a year!!!! the chair started falling apart right after we got it and i let them know and was laughed at and told i could repair them to buy glue and use screws to fix etc. never helped me.

when we first rented the table we also rented a washer and dryer which was used and never worked right so after trying to get the aarons here in apopka fl to help me with them and fighting with them my husband got feed up and had them come pick all of it up. well it took them forever and they kept charging us by the way. well i messed up and went back to get the table back because i had a large family coming in for a week and no table.

they decided i would have to pay them 89.00 we owed them and they also insisted on doing a new contract in my name so, i thought it was just on going with the same contract but new paperwork well, they did screwed me and over charged me and started a new agreement.

and they brought it back out took it off the truck dropped it and messed up a corner and also damaged it where they had it strapped in now has crushed places from that.

three months ago i told them to pick up the product after trying to get them to replace the damaged table and i was laughed at /put off and they have been to my home at least 3 times now but, only to try and collect money from me. they refuse to pick up table and as of last night the mgr told us they refuse to let us return it and they would sue us and put it on our credit report.

this morning the store had someone else call me and i was harrassed so, i hung up on them they called me right back i picked up the phone told the person i had already spoke to them today so to stop calling me he then proceeded to tell me i had to pay them and said i signed agreement saying he could call me i told him he had already spoke to me today so to stop harrassing me, he then told me he could just come to my home i had already told him if he insisted on ringing my phone every 2 mins after speaking to me i would file a police report.

i must admit after him telling me this i told him off very loudly and not very ladie like but, these people are outragous !!!!! we have tried to get them to correct the problems and even called the 800 number and spoke to phil the so called regional mgr. who promised to get back with us never happened!!!!

and one of the young men they sent out to collect payment from me said he was the one who did repairs on products and he never saw any kind of work orders for my address.

he did say they could fill up the crush places with wood putty which would still look like sh*t ,

i do not want to pay 80.00 a month for 12 more months on a table that they damaged and that is not worth even 100.00 two of the chair broke totally and they tried to tell me there worth over 600.00 by themselfs. has anyone ever told them fair market value for two chairs is 0 i tried to get them to do something about the chairs from the first month.

i told them the 3 times they came to my home to take the product and they refused each time!!!

and they are still charging me !!!!!!!

i will be looking for class action lawyer !!!!

this company is awful and does not care about there customers !!!!

the warranty is not worth the paper its written on !!!!

i could go on and on but, the bottom line is this company has major issues with there business practices.

fyi i was also told phil does not have a clue and is useless which since we never heard from him again that speaks for its self.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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