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Ok So I Was renting Some couches & A Flatscreen Phillips Tv My Tv Got Stolen like the 2nd Month I had it. Now Aarons Says I still have too make payments every month even though I Do Not Have it I gave them A copy of the police Report & everything.

I can't pay on Just The couches or They will Take them Away & File Felony Theft Charges on me if I don't Make payments on the Tv as well. The insurance only covered for natural Disaster. But not for Theft! What kinda *** is That?

Can They really File Felony theft? I'm Giving The *** Couches back & Want to work around something on the Tv Cause They shouldn't be able to Do That I would Recommend go Anywhere else Not Aarons!

They got *** Deals & terrible Customer Service. Anybody got Any suggestions on what I should do?

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First thing you should do is read your contract. It should have something to say about situations like this one.

While you are legally responsible to take 'reasonible care' of the propert (including care against theft) in some cases the most they can hold you legally responsible for, is the cash purchase price at the time of the theft or the fair market value of the item. While you should have insurance on anything of value such as this, there are limits to how much they can hold you responsible for. While I understand your frustration, you have to look at it from a company point of view too. You didn't have the item insured, it was stolen while in your posession, so you are technically responsible for at least paying for the fair market value or the cash price for the tv.

A lot also depends on the circumstances surrounding the burglary. For example, if there were signs of forced entry or not, etc. If evidence like this does not exist, then it does not show reasonible care on your part and they could press charges for theft due to insufficient evidence to support your burglary statement.

My best advice is read your contract and check for a clause in there that states the limits of your liability in the case of a theft. Good luck.

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