Petersburg, Virginia
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Today I ordered a mattress set online. I signed the lease online and even paid the $25.00 opening fee.

So far so good. Got an email saying thanks with the attached lease. Aaron's called all of my references, my landlord and employer. I then get another email 4 hours later saying that unfortunately my order has been cancelled and I will be getting my money back in 5-7 business days.

No other explanation.I guess my business isn't good enough for them. I do hope that they know that they are not the only fish in the see, RentACenter and HomeSmart are still alive and well where I live.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Aarons Cons: Not knowing what they are doing.

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Aaron's in Albertville, Alabama is Awful, it doesn't matter how good of a customer you are, you will still get treated like less than garbage and they will stoop to very childish lows. And Corporate they never return calls or help and they do NOTHING about local Aaron's stealing, lying and theft by deception.


I chose to be done w Aaron's for same reason today. Online order went through then cancelled.

I was told the manager of their region..okiedokie..doesn't honor the deal shown&mailed out. I wasted my time and will be returning previous purchase also.

I will just take the slight disappointment as a blessing and save money by purchasing from a local store. I dislike payment plans anyway, especially ones that can't raise credit score



This is unfortunate, we would love to help you lease! You can try leasing inside the store as oppose to online. Please feel free to contact us at so we can assist!

Thank you,



The likely explanation is that you work a garbage job and not even Aarons is impressed by your willingness to pay 100x more for something than it's worth.


Actually I work at a distribution center making $19/hr and have been for 10 years. Nice try troll.


So how are you qualified to answer the above question??? Your an Aaron's employee (distribution) and a human being...that's alllll your qualifications.

@Aarons is my ***

Perhaps you should read. I never said I worked at Aarons. I work at a distribution center not Aarons and my pay is more than enough for me to qualify for AARONS.

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