Dayton, Ohio

we picked out some furniture from internet catlog at aarons store in dayton ohio easttown shopping center 2 weeks before x-mas, we were told the furniture would be delivered 29th of dec. i called to check when they would be here for delivery they said they just found out that they did not make that set anymore after i paid downpayment prior to delivery actually i paid for it the day we ordered it .

anyway come to find out they did and got the furniture delivered two days after it was promised. when it got here the tables were not the right ones they had the gall to send me tables that they thought i might like without even asking me first and they were broke corners were knocked off and colored in with some sort of marker the coffee table had *** in the bottom of it the couch was broken needless to say i am a very dissatified costumer. you know we are supposed to pay $3000.00 for some piece of *** i don't think so!!! so my husband and i went down to the store and supposedly got things taken care of and picked a total new livingroom suit expecting that everything would be delivered right this time two days after the promised day we were wrong about everything being okay they still did not bring the lamps that we picked out and guess what no recliner who would have guessed!!!

so i just want to say thanks alot ken and chris the only two managers in the whole world who doesnt know their *** from the hole in the ground!!!! you really either need a new job flipping burgers or need some type of traing in a mad since.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I apologize the smiley cust off the area code (678) 402 3403 I look forward to speaking with you soon!




I am sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with Aaron's. I would like to know more information in reference to this situation I currently work at the home office for Aaron's.

Please contact me at (678) 402 3403 or email me at in reference to this matter. Thank you!

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