Odessa, Texas
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Never rent from the Aarons on West County Road in Odessa, Tx 79763. This is the reason why.

My husband I rented some furniture from Aarons. We had our funiture for almost 2 years. When my husband had a heart attack, which put him out of work. We called Aarons to come and get their funiture one of the pieces of funiture we had rented from them was a frigerator.

When the Aarons men arrived to get their funiture one of the men was the store manager and the other was a young man he brought with him. The men came into my home to get the frigerator, but they failed to bring a moving dolly, so they dragged the frig from my kitchen, into the dinning room, and into the entrace way which had nice marble floor. The frig left to deep grooves in my floor all the way from where the frigerator was located in my kitchen to the entrance to my house. The men did not even document the damages they did to my house.

I will never rent from this well known company again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Aaron's damaged my home twice!!!! When delivering the furniture, they men tried to get the bedroom suite up the stairs for a half hour, damaging the dresser AND putting huge holes in my wood paneling!!

When I was unhappy with the bedroom suite, I called them to take it back. Upon taking it out, they put another gapping hole in my bedroom wall!!!!


I am sure glad i have read this site. we just had a Aarons move into our city.

have been in the store many times. after reading these horror stories, i will not be doing business with them.

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