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I ordered an Television and I had issues with the back forth of getting my TV. If I make an appointment to deliver between 5-9 since they don't give you an actual time.

It should not take 3 times to get a Television delivered. And it was not on my fault at all. First I did not get a respond back. I called and excuses.

So it was rescheduled once again I waited. And nothing. So I talked to the manager again. Promise to have the t out here between 5 -9 again.

Well strike 3 again. So when I called morning and express my concerns he said I. Will have seen me to be at your home when u get there. I stated I will be home at 230.

I get a he said I will have someone there at 230. I said fine. I get a call an was told that make sure I'm here.

Some nerve to say that to me. When I was here all the other the other times.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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