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Ok so last month i took out couches and a dinning table at a store in brawley ca i made a contract and actually paid 25 dolars more so my next payment would be done by the 15 of each month cause obiously i have alot of others payments set already for the first of the month well on the first of this month i check my account and it turn out that aarons had made 2 transactions and took the payment which was meant to be till the 15 so i call the store and i told the guy that i needed my money back because i have payments to make and that the money wasnt suppose to be taken out that i really needed my money cause thats why i had made an agreement and that i didnt wanted them to return it to the card because it was a weekend and the bank wasnt going to give me money right back which i needed the money so he agree to give it back so i coulndt go and my husband went to the store and when he came back he said that the guy had told him he already put it back to the account which made me mad cause i new i wasnt getting my money back right away and so now im over drawn in my bank account and have to pay a latte fee of 35 dolars for something it wasnt even my fault it was their fault cause they took my money 2 weeks before our agreement

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Hello, We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we are sorry to hear of your negative experience. Our goal is to provide the best customer service experience.

We will forward your concerns to our Divisional Management Team. -Tavius


Yes please cause i havent had a call or any email from the general manager from here they were supose to call me back and havent receive any calls or emails

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