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I rented several items from Aarons. I had been a great customer.

I had to move from a house that was being sold b/c the owner was not taking care of it & I had to file also against them with the Human Rights/Code Enforcement too b/c would not fix anything. I rented a Refrigerator, dryer from Aarons. They was nice at that time & computer. My landlord wouldnt even provide a refrig.

& dryer that came with house broke also. So I moved. In doing so I got a bed mattress & dresser for teen daughter b/c had to get rid of my things did not want to risk bringing anything into new place. I also got a washer & living room set.

The Store mgr Mike even came out himself to install the washer on his day off b/c his is that type of guy. Then I had accident in car, older daughter skidsophrenic so that caused issues having to help place her in another apt of her own; lights etc from the other house just everything went array when moving b/c the other Landlord did not give me back my deposit they filed Bankruptcy. But I too filed Bankruptcy b/c of all the debts I had & needed to get some things off my credit advised by credit counselor bad info.

I notified Aarons & sent them letters & they told me never received.

I sent Ammended letter to their Coop Atty's in Atlanta & even asked for the numbers of the Coop Office & the Dist Mgr & they said there was no proof of my filing Bankruptcy. I had been harrassed & threaten by them not following rules; my car blocked; banging on my door; even heard them saying bad things about me & not knowing they had not hung up the other phone line. They are on Bankruptcy & I was still paying & they said they are not loosing their jobs & have families so want furniture or $800.00 a month until paid off or filing Rental theft of calling the police. Even Atty's called them & they backed off for minute but now that its discharged as of today they want to act so bold.

I do not like the way they handle their customers. One former employee stated that most of the managers trying to make store quota to get his own stores. They can "rewrite" contracts if they wish so you can pay off. Its a difference in Rent to own & just renting to lease.

They know if you are a long term customer & have common sense. They take your money & then you miss payments & try to catch up their threatening you with the police & rental theft. Yes you are a victim b/c you go to them b/c your credit is bad b/c of divorce, kids, or other circumstances. But we are human's & we all fall down.

There's no debtors prison any more. But what if me or someone else has a heart attack over them threatening us or whatever. Someone needs to investigate these companies. I had several Atty's state the never had Mgr's act the way this Mgr in this district is.

They usually work with the customer. But he's from up North and working his way up the cooperate ladder. But yet when behind before they sold me Note 4. I took it back.

But I need this living room/Bedroom but they want us to sit/sleep on floor. Instead of following Bankruptcy guidelines & accepting payment's of some type.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We greatly value and appreciate our customers.

We would love to look more into this for you and hopefully get something resolved.

Can you please email us at response@aarons.com with the primary name on the account, store name, zip code and the best contact number. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,


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