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I rented both a stove and refrigerator from Aaron's in April 2015. Due to the hours I work, all arrangements were made over the phone with the store manager.

The stove was a 12 month agreement and the refrigerator 24 months. The manager emailed me a quote stating that and it sounded good. Problems started at delivery. I was at work but had a friend let them in to deliver appliances.

I noticed they broke a wall light fixture while bringing the refrigerator in and when I called they said "how do we know it wasn't there before delivery?" and "there is nothing we can do". I just moved into this apartment 3 weeks prior after a bad break up in which I left with pretty much nothing and the reason I was in need of appliances. Ok, so I ate the cost of that damage. Then they delivered an electric stove which I had no hook up for so I waited an additional 2 weeks for a gas stove.

Both appliances were ordered in black, but when they delivered the gas stove, it was stainless and black. When I called the store the next day, I was told they did not have a black only stove and sent the black and stainless telling me it would be an additional $20-$30 but still a 12 month payment plan. I really wanted a black stove, but did not want to wait so I agreed to keep the black/stainless stove at the added cost. I have been making my payments on time for the past 15 months, but now they are trying to tell me both appliances are 24 month payment plans!!!

That is not what I was told on the phone, it is not what the quote read that they emailed me. They said I signed an agreement at delivery agreeing to a 24 month term for both appliances, which I did not, nor did my friend who I had accept delivery while i was at work. I made all arrangements over the phone because by the time I got out of work, they were closed. The manager told me that the first payment was to be made in person, but he made an exception due to my work hours, and set up my account for auto pay from my bank.

Now they tell me the manager (Jason) that I dealt with over the phone is no longer employed with Aaron's, so they cannot verify any of this and I am obligated to pay for 24 months on the stove. If you look online, you will see the all of the stoves are advertised as a 12 month payment plan and the refrigerators 24 months. Well, this month I only authorized payment of the refrigerator and refuse to pay any additional payments on the stove as I have already met my obligation for the stove. I will, of course, continue to pay on the refrigerator for another 12 months, because that was the agreement and I will honor it.

When I called last Monday the person on the phone said the manager was out of town and would return on Monday and call me. I have not heard from him, but he did call my daughter and left a message. I have tried calling 3x today but the line is busy. I am at work, and cannot continuously dial to try and reach them but I will call on my lunch hour shortly.

Again, I will not pay any more for the stove. I will take it to court!! I realized I was going to pay an outrageous amount of money to own these appliances, but it was convenient for me as I have no other way to purchase large new appliances. I feel I have been a good customer and have made my payments as agreed and ON TIME.

AARON'S has not honored our agreement and I would NEVER do business with them. Well, at least not this location!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Oven Rental.

Reason of review: Not honoring the terms of agreement.

Aarons Cons: Unfair dealings, Careless.

  • Aarons Scam
  • Aaron s Bad Business Practice
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to help resolve the issues you may be having and also have someone from upper management look into this for you.

Can you please email us at response@aarons.com with the primary name on the account, store name, zip code and the best contact number. We look forward to hearing from you!

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