Appleton, Wisconsin

Aaron's will call at 8 in the morning and than call right back. If you tell then you already got a call from then they will lie and say that there computer call, but the number comes from there office.

they have called me 9 time in one day I think that's a little much. they all so shut down my computer, if they can do that they can also get your passwords from your computer if they are the administer. they can also look in your files and do anything they want with your computer.

I think they maybe doing a little braking of the agreement. there is no part of the agreement that said that they may get in your computer and shut it down

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I just got a plasma from sarina I paid the downpayment and got laid off I haven't paid my first month I told them that I haven't work but they are very rude and keep on threatening me to call the cops


@Idiots in Denver unfortunately things do happen unexpectedly to why a person misses a payment that still doesn't give them the right to treat a person who has made payments on time like criminals especially when they have been remaining in close communication with them. I rent from Aaron's and yes I've been late with my payments due to employment changes.

I always manage to get back on track and still I get treated unfairly. It took them a year to get me the original remote for my tv, then it took 2 weeks to replace my washer, and then I was having problems with hooking my 3D kit up and twice someone was suppose to come and the service call was cancelled so I returned it.

When you talk to them they get nasty and rude. @ Anonymous in Oklahoma is It in your policy that if the voicemail picks up instead of leaving a message you just hang up on back to back calls?


They shut the computer down when you don't make the payment. Now pay up.


I have been renting from them for over 8 years and never have had one problem with them here in Ohio.

They have worked with me if I had an issue on a late payment and have let me skip one or two payments.

Guess being a steady paying customer and talking to them when there is a problem goes a long way.


Yes we have a way of shutting down a computer but that doesn't give us any personal info from your computer. Everyone is reading this contract so well but fail to read the part that Aaron's owns the property until it is paid off.

Being our property we are able to put programs to lock down the computer if need be. The prices are driven up by people that steal and don't fulfill their full obligation of the contract! @ I hate aarons...your the biggest ***...we actually make very good money because we did do good in school and had to put up with idiots that think its ok to pay their bills a month late and not realize they are in the real world and need to pay their bills. *** customers like you give us thick skin because what you need to realize is nobody forced you into this willingly went into a store and signed a CONTRACT that says your going to pay on or before the due date.

You are paying to use our merchandise get that through your head!!! IF YOU DON'T WANT CALLS....PAY!!!!! Do you think we enjoy calling the same people month after month because you can't pay when you tell us you can?? Also we only call 2 times a day and references if we can't get a hold of you.

Answer the phone and give an ACCEPTABLE commitment and the TWO calls a day stop...not that hard!!! And and *** ***....this uneducated *** that got picked on in highschool...I OWN MY COMPUTER AND DIDN"T HAVE TO STEAL IT ;)


You called a lot more than 2 times a day bud. Nice try though. Id love to take a *** in my laptop and then return it to you.


That's right pay you're bill each month and you won't get calls it's simple just pay you're dam bill :)


Lol that's what call block is for you get your money when I decide to give it to you the more you call the longer I wait


I rented from Aaron's and been getting calls all day. I returned their merchandise and they still call and come over I've been in California due to a death in the family and my neighbors all call me when they show up they are a bunch of losers and need to get a life :(


I am a manager for Aarons and we do not have the ability to shut your computer down if you do not pay your bill. Yes if you return the computer and leave data on it there is a chance it can get looked at however the policy is that we restore all computers to their factory settings before resale.

The only reason it shows Aaron's as an administrator is because when you restore it, Windows needs at least 1 profile to operate. So we must create that admin. profile so we can demo the computer on the floor. Once the computer sells, we are supposed to *** the password and change the admin.

profile to your name and have you set the password you want. Its really not hard at all to change the admin profile to your name. Again we cannot access your computer remotely from our store.

I will admit that there are employees in the company that do not possess good customer service skills however, Aaron's has an excellent training program and most of the stories I hear are employees violating company policies.

Unfortunately employees actions reflect negatively on the company and ruined the experience. If employees would do things by the book then Aaron's would have a better reputation for customer service.


They call because you owe them money. I've been leasing my dining table from them for months..i get a reminder email about a week before its due..but i've never gotten a call from them once...never.

They shut down your computer because you aren't paying for it.

Just like if you don't pay your electric bill they shut it off..why should you be able to use something you aren't paying for..if you work with them i'm sure they'd make arrangements..but it sounds like you take no responsibility and feel that if you're late they should just sit back and wait for you to get money..what if that never happened. These rent to own stores are not as lenient as banks because they don't check they HAVE to be right on top of people who are late or they wouldn't make any money..just start paying on time and the calls will stop..geez


They are all just *** working for them. Guys who got picked on in high school and are uneducated so this is their way to think they are "tough" guys.

Bunch of ***. I am a month late on my payment for a dumb *** computer that is worth $400, but when all said in done they made over a grand off me for the price hikes they make on their garbage. After explaining to them my daughter was in the nicu and I didn't have the money and I would make a payment the following week they pretty much told me it didn't matter. They are all TOOL BAGS at AARONS.

Especially the ones in Scranton Pa. THey can all kiss off.


Sometimes things come up, and you are unable to make a timely payment, because we are all human and stuff happens. Anyway, I had a job change, and called Aarons to let them know I would be late, but despite the arrangement I made with them, they continue to call me before 9am.

Also, they sent the truck out twice, once when I was in the shower. I am not even a month late.

I have rented in the past and have paid off my items. After this, I will go another route, preferably just pay in cash.


there are no weekly payments, they call you because you should pay your bill before it even due like most responsible adults...if you are late, they call. end of story. pay ontime or return it and shut up.


Its funny that you all complain that aarons calls to much but wouldnt you if people owed you money?? You all just make excuses because you cant pay your bills, i dont think this is aarons fault because it sounds like they are doing thier jobs.


Amen to that


You are so right they call to much and are unwilling to make arrangements to go with your rentals, My daughter and I pay the payments, ususally bi weekly and alway call to let them know what the situation is. They stated that they do not have a one week payment but reading from their site on line they do, for a month now I have made a 23 dollar payment and they have accepted that, my daughter will make the other payment here in a few days (that totals 90 dollars when our payment is 81 Mo) so what is the beef.

I have 6 monthes on this purchase and then I am done I will not rent from them Again!

I will look else where in the future! :cry !

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