Charlotte, North Carolina
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Just an FYI .. Aarons rentals is trying to charge people over $3000 for the lease of used lawn mowers that are not even worth $500.

PLEASE do not fall for their scam. They tell you one thing and then when you get to their store they tell you something completely different. Three different stores have done this to my wife and I. Concord, NC - Monroe, NC - Matthews, NC.

PLEASE DO NOT do business with these scam artist. They require a contract and it also is a total scam. They should be shut down immediately for these illegal activities. It's plain and simple "Bait and Switch".

Don't fall for it.

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umm..your leasing products, why would you think you could lease anything without a contract. With a lease you have to have a legal binding contract.

You cant lease a car without a contract. You cant lease a house without a contract. Common sense will tell you that you pay more when you finance or lease something versus paying cash for it.

Seems like you were trying to scam the company and they caught you upfront. I am in sales for a major retailer, while we dont lease or rent to own we do have financing and it requires a contract as well.



I have been renting to own from Aarons for 6 years and have never had an issue with them. Your credit or you having a business doesn't give you the right to buy mowers from the and sell them at a higher price! Use your common sense people, they have a right to refuse you service!


Thanks for the information you all posted here. I was about to rent from Aarons as an alternative to shelling out a lot of cash for furniture, but what I read here, I changed my mind COMPLETELY!!!


Beware if the product your renting brakes aarons will not fix it your stuck with a product item and still have to pay on it.

We rent to own a bedroom set. As Arrons was bringing it in to our house i see that on the mattress boxspring in every coner was riped so i cold the gut he said to contact aarons so i did they said it was unrepairable.

They wouldn't exchange it so i got stuck with a torn bed. I rent to own a bid screen tv with built in dvd player the dvd player stop working so was sent in for repair. When it came back from repair they said that the company doesn't make the parts anymore so it's unrepairable. They wouldn't give me a diffrent tv.

So i'm stuck with a tv that has a broken dvd player and still have to pay on it.

This tv is suppose to be brand new when i got it i've had it for a year now and they telling me that they don't make the parts anylonger. This is the AARons In Kokomo Indiana but they all treat customers the same.

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