East Hartford, Connecticut

I'm renting a livingroom set and TV with Stand since 12/2012. I am a Senior Citizen and just moved into a elderly and disabled complex that has 70 apartments.

I try to pay my bill every month on time. So far I have paid $3,777. up to April 15, 2013. I spoke with the Manager Kenneth Wicker because I ran into some financial difficulty when I went to withdraw money from my funds and I did not have enough.

That problem is being corrected now. I called Ken Wicker because he sent someone over to where I use to live at in Hartford, CT to collect money and I said why would he do that when they was the ones moved my furniture to my East Hartford, CT location so I told him that my daugher told me what heppen and I wanted to know why he sent someone to my old address. I would not be around for a week because I am visiting my mom out of state and I wanted to make arrangement to pay the bill on 5/17/2013 $50 another $50 on 5/24 and the balance I will pay on 5/30 of $242. He said he could not do this and that he needed the whole thing because I was already 30 days late.

I told him I want to pay it again but I did not have all of it at once this month until later in the month when I receive my pension check. He still refuse and hung up on me. This happen Thursday, May 9, 2013. My son told me that I received a letter in the mail from Ken Wicker and he stated that I did not want to work with him and his continued attempts to contact me regarding my lease agreement.

If he would not have hung up on me when I contacted him on my situation he would have known I was not going to be home for 1 week. I will not be returning until Thursday, May 16, 2013. I want to pay my bill that I owe but he will not work this out with me. My son is lending me the money each time until I receive my pension check.

Let me know what/how you can help this situation.I put a lot of my hard earned money in this investment and I need understanding. I worked for the State of Connecticut for 28 years until I retired. The letter also stated that he would charge me reinstatement fees, or inhome visit fees. I also talk with a neighbor on the phone she called me and told me that Aarons came to my apartment thursday, friday and Saturday.

was at my door banging and banging and ringing my bell. It was very disturbing for her. I need help for someone to hear me out and let me plea my case. Also in closing the furniture is beautiful but since day 1 it was cotton coming out the bottom front of it and the hasset that came with it one of the legs never stayed on.

I mention that to Ken and someone came out to fix it once and it still wasn't on right.

Thank you. Deborah Fleming

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

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