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I purchased a mattress from your store in Glendale the first two that I had got we're either used being put off as new there were *** However I finally got a good one back in July I am extremely happy with Now my payments had been 158.86 and when I ordered the new mattress Donny said my payments wouldn't change since then I have paid two different amounts and they put my payments up to 168.03 WTF So when I got the new mattress I didn't get new box spring or frame the ones I had got when I first got the very first matress I still have and there is nothing wrong with them so what is happening they have started charging me for this brand new box spring and frame And I voiced concerns with this when James took my payment on the 15th of August he was an indignant *** Now I am a good customer I pay on time I am not wanting to be jacked around again by Aarons Flashback I had started purchasing a refrigerator from you folks that the bottom drawer wouldn't stay shut and keep dinging all night long I payed on it over a year when it was taken back they said they couldn't fix it that it was a hazemat there were bugs . Now I now darn good and well there was a recall on them from Maytag so they sent it back to get money from that and going to offer me two fridges After I sent you information concerning what happened.

And I told you to come get your stuff store manager came over with a used refrigerator that broke down after 1 month after they brought it here Now not only did I pay on that over a year you sent it back and got money too. That *** What is so funny while they were fiddle f n around trying to figure it out they brought me a refrigerator in the meantime to use why when that one was taken back was it not a hazemat You guys play fast and loose with me again I will go to your competition I am a GOOD CUSTOMER DON'T *** ON ME AGAIN !!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mattress.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would love to look more into this.

Can you please email us myexpereince@aarons.com with your first ane last name, store name, and phone number so we can look more into this for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Thank you,


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