Cape Coral, Florida

We stopped in at the Cape Coral location and couldn't be happier with the service!!!

We are picky people & Like to pick our own designs.

All the employees and manager were great and patient with us. It took us several trips to the store and back to to the house to put what we wanted together. Never once did they complain or act like we were a bother. They assisted our every need and helped us put together a package that made us happy.

We also ordered all new stuff. They were awesome. Everything was here fast, Furniture is of good quality. Delivery was on time worked in as a team and put everything together properly!

We highly recommend this Aarons. A big thank you to each and every employee who assisted us.

!!!! :)

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Dear robinfajen1970,

Thank you so much for your positive review and for sharing your experience. Happy to hear about the great service at our Cape Coral store and helping you Own It!

We look forward to servicing you again.




Why would you spend 3 or more times more for a couch or a table?Just save your money and buy your stuff outright.I cant believe how *** people can be to fall for scams like this.Most of the stuff has been used by someone else so you are at risk for bedbugs,scabies,lice and all other gross things.Who knows who had s e x on that couch you just rented.sick


So I guess S T U P I D is a swear now.


Opions are like asswholes everyone has one! Why is irrelevant and not your business.


I really hate places that because all they do is take advantage of poor people.It is like loan sharking of home goods.I really think they all should be outlawed.They lie to you and say it helps your credit when in fact it does not.People want to keep up with everyone else and live beyond their means.If you want something save your money and then buy it outright.And let me remind you when you put something out there on the web it becomes everyone's business.


6 months same as cash. I feel its fair.

Prices are fair and very competitive with others.

Not poor just good deal. Seems like someone of your caliber would have better things to do than make negative comments about others.


I am not making negative comments.I am just posting the facts.Read all the things out there on the web about them and you will actually see the facts for yourself.And no hundreds of dollars above the prices of everyone else is in no way competitive.


Calling someone names is negative. Their prices are fine better than some higher than others.

The only way it is way more is if you do not pay it off in the time frame. I think they are great. They do post positive on your credit. I have felt with Aarons for over 20 years.

Pay it off in the same as cash agreement. No problems.


I ordered New! which you have option to do. I'm done arguing.

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