Tulsa, Oklahoma

we received a good reports about Arron's rents, my wife ordered a bed from them. They told us the day it would be delivered.

The day came and went without them doing so. When my wife called they informed her that they order that came in was not complete, but they never called to say so. My wife had to called to find out. So i called the Tulsa store and the young lady I spoke with offered no solution.

I asked to speak to the manger and I was informed he had left for the day. I asked to speak to the sales manager to no avail. I lest a number for someone to call that evening and no one did.

We are disappointed because we are sleeping on couches not knowing when our bed will be delivered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

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:cry sorry to hear about your bed situation. :zzz I know about sleeping on couch. :eek It happen to me with them too.


The same thing happened to me today..no call no show on my delivery and when I called them they said it didn't come on their truck..they never even bothered to call me. I lost out on a half day of work and I have company comeing tomorrow night..I was told it wouldn't be in til next Friday.

I orderd this lastl Saturday and now have to wait another week..very disappointed.

Lorie. Wfreekshow44@aol.com


I apologize for your current experience not being excellent. Please contact me at 678-402-3403 or by email, Jessica.Rudnick@aarons.com to further resolve your complaint.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon. -Jessica

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