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I rented a washer and dryer from Aarons and about 3 weeks noticed that my childs room floor was soaked one day. His room is directly behind the wash room.

The washer was leaking from the washer itself all over. I called aarons, who told me that someone would be out the very next day to fix/replace it. No one showed up, so again I called. They told me they couldn't get anyone out until monday of the following week, "first thing in the morning" No one was there that morning, so we called again, they told us they would be there before 3pm.

By 3:05 pm no one was there, I called again and asked for the manager. The manager said they would be there by 5pm. When no one showed up at 5 I personally went into the store and told them to just take it, I was tired of it, it had ruined the floor and walls of that room and the wash room and I couldn't use it or it would make it worse. I wanted my money back for time paid as I had paid several months in advance.

They couldn't do that so I would just be out that money. After careful consideration I said if someone would just bring a new one while that one was being fixed, that would be okay, but that my landlord would be contacting them about the floors. It took my landlord calling into corporate to get any answers about the floors. They did however replace the washer and that part is now fine.

They sent two contractors out to bid on the work that needed to be done as now we have black mold in my son's room. We called both contractors to insure that they did submit the bid after receiving a call from the store manager saying they couldn't yet procede on fixing the flooring as they had not gotten the bids yet.

Both had sent their bids in 3 weeks prior. Still I have black mold in my house and no one fixing anything, but heaven forbid I should be one day late paying for anything, because they are very punctual in calling for payment.

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Do you have to make your payments at the store you rent from? We moved and there is a store 2 blocks away which would be easier than driving 5 miles....


I would like to give you the corporate phone # 678-402-0015 this should help you in dealing with the situation because this store is franchised and they don't deal with problems like a real Aaron's store does.

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