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Aaron's is the worst company I ever got anything from. I rent washer & dryer and my grandma got really sick all family was call and I left with my family to go see my grandma as my grandma passed I keep noticing bunch weird phone numbers calling my phone but I never answer my phone one because I was busy other because I figure whoever is calling will have to wait till I am back and done.

Well after couples weeks when everything was done I finally was on my way an as soon I got home around 7 at night I see a car in front of my house the guy inmidiatly started calling my in front of all my neighbors I reply yes.. He said hey is from Aaron's you own $74.00 dollars and I need you to make a payment I said dude my grandma just passed as matters of fact in my way back from airport I was trying to paid but forgot my password can't go into my account but tonight I will make the payment after reset the password which I try but they never send me the link to reset in the last hour so he said oh yeah let's do it now I will call the store gave me your card blah blah blah I did he call .. As he finished taking on the line he said oh she will paid next month on time no problems by 31 if not you let me know.. Ok!!

I was not upset until I got inside and said wth this dude is coming in my house for? No only that he left a note and my door then try to scare me saying he will be notified again?! They are losers and *** I am returning and getting my stuff somewhere else. I have no time neither patience to be harassed but this people!

Never again. 14 days late and they came in my house..

Well Aaron's I paid for this month use by the 29 I be come pick up your trash! Losers!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. We greatly appreciate all of our customers and want to help get these issues resolved. Can you please email us at with the primary name on the account, store name and zip code and the best number to contact you at.

Thank you,




I am so sorry to hear about this unfortunate situation. We greatly appreciate our customers.

Can you please email us at with the primary name on the account, store name and zip code and best number to reach you at.

Thank you,


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