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They try to call me the day the payment is due and even a few days after that but i have most of the numbers blocked but every once in a while they will call from a new number...but i always block it hehe. Anyway my point is you have a 5 day grace period and do NOT have to pay a late fee untill after the 5 day period.

Period. So i have never been late i have a 5 day grace period. Well some punk kid tries to call me from a weird number.. my payment is due on the 15th and it was the 17th.

That kid said well dont you get paid every two weeks? I said sort of but not really. He said well when are you going to pay it?? I said when i get paid.

He said well it was due on the 15th. I said yes and i also have a 5 day grace period why don't you try calling back if it ever becomes late. He said so your going to pay on the 20th??!! You know thats a tuesday right!?!

I said yeah whats your point? He said okay i will put you down for the 20th?

I said i dont care this is stup¡d dont call me about dumb *** Haha scew them! Read what you sign and they can't pull any nonsense!

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We greatly approiceate your business and value your business.

If you have any problems or need assistnce with anything please email us at with any issues you are having and we have someone look into it for you!

Thank you,


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