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i rented a hp laptop about 18 months ago screen broke said we did it and then tried to fix at store and they could not so gave me another hp this worked for awhile then broke so replace it with a year old laptop then what I am paying for screen broke and they told me to get it fix and still pay them the 115 till end of contract called them and told they do not have to fix it and can not bring back been with them about 10 years and now I am screwed such bull i said we would pay to fix it told no why treat me like this i gave 4 more payments and get a busted laptop will never do business with them again i am paying for 2 laptops right now and feel like they only care about money

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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Hi Smh2013-517,

Sorry to hear that you haven't been contacted yet. I have spoken to the Regional Manager and he tried contacting you on Tuesday at 1:20 PM to further discuss and wasn't successful with reaching you. He will be contacting you again today to further resolve.

Thank You,



Dear smh2013-517,

Thank you for your review. I sincerely apologize to hear the way your local Aaron's store handled the repair issue with your HP laptop, the negative service you received, and the inconvenience this has caused you. Please know that customer service is Aaron's #1 priority and I appreciate you for bringing these types of issues to my attention.

At your earliest convenience, please send me an email to Response@aarons.com or call me at 678-402-3403 with details including your name, store location, and agreement number. I look forward to hearing from you.




I called and talked to you said you would get back and did not this is what happens now at Aarons bad customer service. I give up this company does not care or help out I quit I have 2 payments left on laptop and 5 on broken on will pay them off and then screw your company Buddy has the stove i was going to get next month from AArons now will lease from buddys this company only wants money.

I wasted 10 years doing lease with them never again. Just shows I was right you do not care about customers at all good bye no more wasting money on a company that is greedy will post on facebook and any where else i find to let other know about your company and have let my moms group about you and now on blog and twitter account and my facebook page :( :(


When you say HP I'm assuming that you are talking about a Hewert Packert I have one but obviously can't spell it. Anyway HP's are infamous for screens cracking for no apparent reason.

I'm surprised they gave you a new one after 18 months. My wife bought a HP and less than a week later she opened it up and the screen was cracked. When we called we were told that we must have done something and received no compensation whatsoever. In my case my boss bought me a HP as a Christmas bonus.

I tried to look all happy but the shock of another HP plus the fact I was given $100 bonus my first year and it raised in $100 increments every year and received $1100 the previous year. Trust me I earn those bonuses 10 hour days working on Holidays and I brought in a lot of new business. I had that HP for three months and while I was typing the screen cracked. My boss took great interest considering I was typing a work report.

She tried to get it fixed but couldn't and instead she bought me another HP!

OMG! and to my delight it had windows 8 double OMG!

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