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I recently moved to fayetteville nc from alabama. Now i had

furniture from the aarons there and paid for and recieved amazing

customer service. now the first time i went into the aarons here it is

on pamalee dr in fayetteville nc.

my husband and i walked out becausewe were never greeted to begin with. I called back and the young lady named tabitha answered, i questioned her about the bedroom set and her answer was well i dont know because the sets get moved around.

I then asked who would know and she huffs and says hold on very rudely. She

came back and said i have to come back in the store and pick it out and

when i went inside it was still in the same location, where as it never

got moved like she said. Now I did pick out a brand new set and she

said i would get the bedroom suite off the floor because they didnt

have any in stock and she reassured me it was brand new.

And when I had picked out the furniture it shoudlve been same day delivery because it was only 12 when i was done filling out paperwork. Now i got told that they would deliver it the next day (friday) between 11-3 and i called at 230 the following day to be told that their truck was broke down but yet they dont call people to let them know they werent delivering my furniture.

And yet again it was tabitha who i spoke with and got a very

rude experience with her and i said that i wanted a refund because of

her rudeness and how they couldnt do anything they said they could well

her response is if this is a problem you can come pick it up yourself

as rude as she could be.Then she puts me on hold and comes back and

magically says oh we can deliver them today.

Well after they delivered the furniture the young man says on his way out oh im sure you heard about our truck problems by the way which was a smart *** comment not needed. well my husband and i then go look at our "brand new" furniture and theres nothing new about it. Theres was wood chipped out on the big dresser and paint chippings on the others and they all had gashes in them looking like someone scratched them with a screwdriver.

There were holes in the paneling on the back and my "brand new" mattresses had a big tear on it. Needless to say im not happy at all.The delivery

drivers never even gave us our receipts .Then i call back to complain

and the assisstant manager says theyll pick it up monday first thing,

and tabitha had told her we wanted used furniture which was NEVER the

case and even used im sure aarons never wouldve sold this ***.

well they hadnt showed by noon so we went up there and the manager said it

would be picked up tonight at 7 .Now its 8:51pm monday night and they

said theyre scheleduled to pick up my furniture tomorrow after i spoke

to the manager today in the store who had said she wouldnt even be

there today and she said I would get a full refund well Im now without

my money and have damaged *** in my home. The delivery guys also left

trash all in my yard. Well the manager asked where we lived and they

said they thought our house was on base and theyre the ones that

delivered before so they are playing games and i want my money back or

i will be getting my attorney involved. I ended up getting furniture

from the other aarons on hope mills road and theyre service isnt good


One the young ladies never greeted us either until some employee

came back from lunch and told them to come over to us and the girl

looked like she was zoned out on something she wasnt listening because

just like tabitha she put us down for wrong furniture which was only

the mattress and boxspring so we have to wait a week until the rest of

the furniture comes in friday,and two we got supposedly same day

delivery and they said theyd be here tonight by 4 and its 9:03pm and no

furniture is here surprise surprise.Everytime i call its a problem with

these people and i want something done about this. I am trying to get

the president of aarons contact info because im taking this the highest

i can go.My husband has taken pictures of all the furniture and unless

something is done about this i will be making this public. This is


And its 9:17pm and i just called the hope mills location to see where

my furniture is and no one answered and they never called to say they

were not delivering tonight. so now im highly pissed and i dont even

want to pay for my furniture and dont feel like i should after what ive

been through with not one but two locations. Ive never eperienced customer service at its lowest and i believe aarons should now be on the top 5 of worst service ever and its left a bad taste in my mouth.

understand why. They also scratched my newly painted cream walls when moving things in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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