Denver, Colorado

Iam purchasing a JVC flat screen TV and home theater system. They contacted me to tell me my IPOD that came with my television was available for pick up.

When I piked up the IPOD the item was defective so I tried to return it and was told by the manager Kathy that they would not take it back that I had to contact the maker of my TV set myself and refused to take the broken IPOD. I asked for a corporate phone number and was denied the information from Bernadette,an employee at the Pueblo store. Since the management has changed there is extremely poor service and definitely no professionalism. Please feel free to pull my file I have paid thousands of dollars to AArons and have not been late with one payment.

I have referred lots of friends and relatives to AArons, but I will no longer refer ANYONE. I also will never do business with this company AGAIN.

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the bad thing about this site,is if you take to long writing a letter,wich I just did about aarons, it deleats your mesage.and I dont feal like re writing the whole thing. :( but aarons riped me off too. thay charge service charges, then will not service what thay sell :sigh


You think thats bad, I bought a laptop in June 09, I paid it off early in Nov. 09.

Screen went out in Dec 09. They tell me now since I paid it off early the warranty is out.The in store warranty is only good as long as your making payments.And for me to contact HP on the manufacturers warranty.

So I did, come to find out the 1 year manufacturer warranty ran out in 09 before I got Aarons paid off. I thought I was getting a new laptop..I found up in the far corner of the agreement it said used in real fine print.They failed to mention this when I bought it.The laptop was pre-leased in October of 08..So now I am stuck with a dead laptop..Here in Carthage Tx

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