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I never rented before from any of these places but when we moved to a bigger apt i wanted to get new stuff but couldnt afford to flat out buy it. SO, I rented my living room set and dining set from Aarons at the same time, Let me start with the delivery guys...IDIOTS!!!!

My living room is on the second floor and they took my sofas and loveseat up over the balcony and dropped my sofa!, broke my outside light! dumba**! then after having my sofa for 2 weeks we noticed a very long tear in the back of the sofa, i called aarons and complained and they said they would have someone come out and fix it, they did and the repair people said it was from a utility blade that maybe when they took the plastic off...anyway they fixed it, but that wasnt good enough for me. IM PAYING FOR NEW furniture!!!

my sofa is falling apart, my coffee table legs are breaking off, my kitchen table and chairs are wobbily ...AND they dont want to give me new stuff b/c they said i abused it!! WHAT! ive only had my furniture 2months!!! i only made 1 payment!!

I plan on contacting someone other then the idiots that run the store near my home, b/c if they dont give me NEW , like it says in the contract.

im returning!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Repair.

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I agree. I spent over $2500 on a sectional and paid it in full within 90 days and in 2 more months it fell apart. Still fighting to get this replaced and BB does Nothing to help.


lol you prolly did abuse it dumbie... i would tell you the same bro...

i would not give you new stuff after you broke everything else are you out of your mind, people like you give these companys a bad name because you dont know how to take care of your things, and dont make your payment fool the'll just come and get there things lol,, i think you need to shop at walmart man then you'll realy have somthing to complain about.. lmaoo


Glad I came across this site as I was going to get a TV from them for about 3 months, until mine would be shipped from overseas.

NO WAY NOW after all this negativity.

Ill wait until mine arrives and do without.


yeah i went there myself...i learned they were IDIOTS after i had signed the contract....DUH. i wouldnt have rented if i knew they were ***

robert p

must be made in china


you went there yourself. why do you call them idiots?

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