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Ive been renting furniture from Aaron's sales and Lease for about 2 years. The bedroom set I'm renting to own is only worth about $1000 or not even that.

I only had 3 more payments to make before I fell on hard times and lost my job. I communicated with them how I lost my job and wanted to work with them as far as paying them because I was almost done with my payments. My only means of communication ( my cellular) was disconnected and my means of transportation was too because my car was disabled for no insurance due to not having a job. I got out to look for jobs on the bus so I almost always miss them when they come by .

So I messaged my mother on Facebook to call them on my behalf and they wont discuss anything with her even knowing I don't have a way to communicate. SO I wrote them a note giving my written consent for my mother to discuss my account on my behalf and I also told them to email me to contact me and they just downright refuse to do any of those things.

They know I only have 3 payments left and they are doing this on I just want them to work with me but they are being disrespectful leaving my notes that I leave for them balled up in front of my door so I know they receive them. Ive even urged them in my written notes on the door to email so we can discuss it and they still refuse!

Reason of review: Poor customer service,harassment(which is illegal),bad quality, not willing to work with payments.

Monetary Loss: $3700.

Preferred solution: Work with me so I can pay off my furniture .

Aarons Cons: Disrespectful, Harassment, Overcharging, Cheating you out of money.

  • liars
  • Illegally Overcharged
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We greatly appreciate you business and want to help come up with a resolution that you will be happy with. Can you please email us at with the primary name on the account, store name, zip code and best number to contact you at.

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