Aarons sales and lease extremely overbearing

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I HAD dealt with Aarons for several years.I have bought and purchased ALOT of items from them.

3 computers, 2 stereos, recliner, sofa/recliner, kingsize bed, 2 tv's, digital camera. I have always made my payments and always paid everything off. In May of this year I became disabled and could not make the payments on my big screen tv. I got it at Aarons in sept 2008, I have paid over $4000.00 towards the purchase of the tv.

Aarons took me to court in August after accepting my payments late several times. after going to court several times 4 and filing for bankruptcy in oct. now they aarons do not want to accept my offer of the fair market value for a used tv and it may complicate my bankruptcy by doing so. Is this how Aarons treat their customers who have fallen on hard times after paying them thousands of dollars over the years?

I plan to contact someone from their corporate office if that will do any good.. This has been very unsettling to say the least, and this will not be a favorable outcome for either side if it continues..

Aarons advertises they are #1 and nobody beats their prices.wow what a joke that is....comments?

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913 of 1226 Aarons reviews

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Dec 04, 2014 #910751 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Aarons is a bunch of rip offs I say if you cant afford it then you dont need it, all they do is prey on the poor, and then want they *** back *** them and *** the person on here who acts like they got it all, I say keep the *** and go to court especially if you paid more then the retail value into the property..again I say tell them to *** off

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May 23, 2013 #655025 Tucson, Arizona, United States

To all the snobby douch bags who say "just pay ur bill" n exc... Obviously u just don't get it and probably grew up a spoiled lil rich kid who still sucks on ur parents *** if you've never in ur life had hard times!!!!!!! It's ok though cuz karma is a *** and one day I promises you will be in a jam and I want u to remember this reply... I'm not a well fare parent by any form ima single father of two who bust my *** workin construction 80 hrs a week but the company I worked for for 9 years went under and I'm havin a really hard time finding another job that will support me my kids and animals... I recently bought a house and a new car because I've always been stable and a great provider for my family but what does a dad do??? Let his children not have furniture?? ***that, I don't think so...!!!!! I'd never let my kids down... When I get my job back and can afford more yes I will return what I have from them until then no way it will happen!! For the record ima real man with a real job n put my blood sweat n tears into what I do! Not get paid minimum wage to harass family's who are having hard times... No one could pay me to go around and take away people's stuff while kids watch and don't understand wtf is happening... Grow up grow ball and get a honest job that benefits people not a job hurtin family's that are already hurting...

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Jan 10, 2013 #591882 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

I strongly agree these *** they don't *** care about anything but their money and its awful upon picking up they are to call they don't and randomly coming to the door and then grab the *** and leave :(

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Nov 21, 2011 #378050

@Aarons SUCKS

Really? Your mad because you didn't pay your bill and they want their money?

How would you feel you worked for 2 weeks at your job (Regardless where it is, cant be high paying) you go to pick up your check and your boss says, "Well, were running behind this week, you will be paid in another week, 2 max" and this ALWAYS happened. I mean, they are doing "The best they can"

Its the SAME thing. You work for your money, they work for THEIR money.

Yea, You SHOULD have hit him, so not only do they get they *** back when the cops come, but you go to jail "In front of your kids" come on, you talking about causing harm on a person but your worried about the language they might hear from him? HA!

People need to stop overextending their self. Simply put. Does not matter if you make 9$ an hour or 40$. If you cannot afforded to make 3X your monthly payment (Just for "Fun") then more than likely you are trying to live above your means.

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Oct 08, 2011 #355898

Well i rented a full house of furniture when i moved. Became 1 month late. When they would not back off i just decided to keep it all. To this day Im sitting and sleeping on there cheap free furniture.. Been 22 months now.. So guess i win. And you jerkoffs who insist on ppl should pay there bills. I learn from my country.. Is the government won't pay there bills nor will i. So arrons can kiss my ***.

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Jun 20, 2013 #666902

Love it!!!! :p :roll

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Oct 08, 2011 #355896

Well i rented a full house of furniture when i moved. Became 1 month late. When they would not back off i just decided to keep it all. To this day Im sitting and sleeping on there cheap free furniture.. Been 22 months now.. So guess i win. And you jerkoffs who insist on ppl should pay there bills. I learn from my country.. Is the government won't pay there bills nor will i. So arrons can kiss my ***.

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Jun 02, 2013 #659100 Alief, Texas, United States

Whats funny is you think you got away but maybe you should try looking at your credit report sometime aarons reports to credit if you stole the merchandise ita put on there as theft so worthless people like you cant get anything else and also so when you try for loans or anuthing and they pull your credit they see you are a thief who cant afford to pay there bills and has to steal to try and impress somebody and then try to flaunt what you had to go rent cause your to poor to buy it cash have a very blessed day

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May 06, 2011 #283066

To all you who badmouth Aarons, I have dealt with them a couple times, and plan on doing so to purchase furniture in the near future. I bought a washer and dryer and a big screen tv through the. During both of those times, we fell on some hard times. All I had to do was communicate with them, and they bent over backwards trying to help me out with when the payments were due. They are very nice and very professional. I agree with the people who say that you need to understand a contract and read it. if you don't pay, they have every right to come onto your property and take what is rightfully theirs. Thanks Aarons employees for being great!!

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fuck off

Jun 19, 2013 #666646 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


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May 03, 2011 #281951

Wrong column. Sorry.

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May 03, 2011 #281784

Ok. I do work for aarons. Accounts to be exact. And my store is not ran that way. If my Gm ever got wind of my department acting like that, *** would hit the fan. Bad. Id lose my job, and bet your *** my regional manager would be doing some serious kissing up to the customer. And some of these posts about the customers getting in over their heads are true. Don't over extend yourself financially. It's not our fault you can't pay. And if you make your payments on time, guess what, we don't call. Speaking of calling, the whole 90 times a day (just a bit over the top don't ya think?) Is ***. Were allowed to call twice a day. That's it. So make your payments on time, and were all happy. Oh, and by the way, I make more money than most do with a college diploma. Sorry, but its true.

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Mar 05, 2013 #618532 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am only late by 14 days and they call me at least 10 times a day, they block their number, they show up at my house a couple of times a week and I'm still current. 14 days is not overdue and I think their boss must tell them to do it, I'm tired by their harassment.

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Jan 25, 2011 #240318

9mm pointed at their head does wonders!

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Dec 19, 2010 #226262

It does not matter if you file bk. That is lease transaction that is secured by property. Either pay or they have the legal right to take it back. Either pay what you owe or they will take it back and sell it so they can make their money. Stop trying to get out of debts you owe!!

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I've never been late with Aaro

Dec 18, 2010 #226061

I've made 18 payments on time with Aaron's and they still behave like classless animals when I deal with them. This isn't about whether you pay your bill, it's about company whose culture is classless and has a thuglike mentality. Aaron's is the *** of the earth.

I bought furniture from them when I was unemployed and even when I make my payment, they still make collection calls. Why? They're too *** to apply payments even though they give you a confirmation number.

Anyone who works for Aaron's is a less evolved version of our species. They don't use words and they can't behave like civilized human beings. They hire thugs and creeps.

I still complained to their corporate office.


Flood his e-mail.

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Dec 15, 2010 #223819

Pay the bill and nobody comes to your house, simple as that. We don't want to be out in the cold and rain knocking on your door. But we are paid pretty decent money to do so. You wanna insult how much I get paid as an aarons associate. Well i pay all my bills on time and can answer my phone without fear of it being a bill collector...how about you?

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Aarons SUCKS

Dec 03, 2010 #218415

SO I am a little late on a payment, been paying, doing best I can. got in a little bit of a jam / xmas is coming and just personal stuff happens. So I make a payment last week, tell them I'll get one in this week. They didn't call me at all this week ( which was great being they *** call 90 times a day). They just decide to show up at my house today, when my daughter answers the door, the "GUY" who I had no idea who he was, being they don't wear jackets that say AARONS on them pretty much walked into my home. Explained to him I'll have a payment next week when I get paid. He insisted I pay today, told him not happening. SO then after I pretty much almost had to push him out my door, he stands on my porch, 2 minutes later knocking again. I answer this time and tell him what part of NExT week do u not understand and I shut the door. Once again the *** knocks on my door telling me they need money today. Told him he must not comprehend anything and it would be paid next week. SO I slam the door. AGAIN!!!! He is banging on my door. At this point I am very angry. He says OH I am not trying to be a "***" YES uses this kind of talk in front of my children, but my boss wants you to call him. I said that's fine I will call and shut the door. He knocks yet again, says well I can't leave here until you talk to him. I said listen I will call him. He says well I am staying right here until you call. I said listen if you don't get off my property I will have you arrested for trespassing.... Show more

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Mar 03, 2013 #617411

Nope ... he's legally not trespassing. You see, in the contract that you failed to read, it clearly states that what ever you are renting is, in fact, still the property of Aarons until it's paid in full. He is there to collect Aarons property, and a cop, lawyer & judge will side with Aarons. Simply put ... pay your bill or have this guy knocking on your door again

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who cares?

Nov 30, 2010 #217082

$7 an hour? Haha. Not exactly buddy.

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