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I leased a washer and dryer from AArons about a year ago. I have made payments every month.

However, most of my payments were always late because the bill is due on the first. I have never had a bill due on the first and it is sometimes hard to make it. Even though I was late I NEVER missed a payment. When the bill got down to 500.00 I started getting calls from a corporate lady named Karen.

She was very rude and made many comments that were none of her business such as "its ridiculous that you cant pay this bill on time" and when do you get paid every month" etc. Aarons have always cashed my payments in every month and now that I hae almost paid the product off, they are giving me a hard time. MMM...I think they want to repossess it so that they can re-sell it and make another double for their money. I would not recommend Aarons even if you do not have good credit.

I would just do without.

I dare them to try and set foot inside my house to repossess something that I have NEVER missed a payment on. Plus they have made late charge fees every month that I was late. Plus you pay retty much double for something through the lease agreement through Aarons.

Rip off!

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We have been doing business with our local Aarons for years so they don't try and pull any fast ones with us but what bugs me is their lousy online payments. They are never up to date.

I just tried to make my payment for the 15th and none of the info is there so I can't make it plus it shows my other rental agreement that is due on the first still due even though I paid it on the 3oth of the previous month!! (it shows it paid in my Payments made section) I think they hold off putting the info on the site till it is actually due so you can't pay it off earlier.

We formerly paid in person until my husband became an invalid, but heck, this isn't helping us!!! :cry


First experience,im dwn to 4 payments I owe them $40 .arrons done came to my house banming the door dwn as if im gonna open the door and let them take something that I invest alot of money no longer worker but bout to start ny new job so I can pay them off.i can see if I was two til three months behind but $40 wow!!!!!




I am from Crowley, La.


These stories make me cringe. Here at my store, we do everything possible to maintain customer satisfaction.

It disappoints me that all these other stores are giving the good Aaron's stores a bad name. Here, we do everything possible to keep the customer. Even if it means putting $20 down to get you until your next payday.

So sorry that all these other stores have left a negative impact, but I promise you to come to store C0384, you will have a different perspective on how a real Aaron's store keeps our customers happy and satisfied with our service and mannerisms. God bless.


I was threatened they would get the police and charge me with theft ...when thru a divorce my husband had tv I didn't ... Can they get police and do that


Two years ago, I bought a 57 Inch TV from Aarons. Made all the payments and once I paid it off, they called to congratulate me on completing the contract and ask if I would be interested in shopping with them for more items.

Overall, it was a very positive experience. Perhaps I got lucky with the store.


I think its really funny that you are complaining about them because YOU were late on ALL of your payments lol, that is your own fault, and yes you are going to end up paying more if you lease, because they are giving you a product before it is payed, and the company has to make sound really *** just to let you know lol, and welcome to the real word, *** aint free! :grin


You must work for Aarons! :upset


Up until recently I always had great customer service from my local Aaron's. I have been a customer off & on for 15+ years.

When I got into a bind making my payments, they started making harassing calls to my family & friends.

This is what I would expect from a shady company, not someone that I had a relationship with. They change managers very often and that is part of the reason for their problems.



Aaron's is a joke. I will NEVER lease/buy from them again.

I have purchased appliances and computer equipment in the past. However, I bought a TV and Surround Sound System. I set my payments up for Auto withdrawal. Which never happened, so I continually go online and make payment, and print receipt.

I moved to another state and promptly went in and made the current payment and updated my accounts. I went through two months of the two stores telling me neither store was communicating with the other. Aaron's "lost" that payment. Oh they show a transfer to my original store; they just "can't" verify it was for my original account.

Bottom line, I have less that $300.00 owing combined. Aaron's is harrassing my family members non-stop, however, they don't call me. (Even though they have my email, telephone number and work number). I make double payments online to pay ahead and they still call and harrass.

This store chain is a RIP-OFF! Demand and Keep all receipts.. The closer to get to payoff, the more you will hear how they didn't get a payment.

Aaron's is well known for making you pay again for the same monthly payments made (which they conveniently can't find records of)..... :( :( :(


I've been a customer of Aarons since 2005 at the Stone Mountain, Georgia location. I too have spent thousands of dollars on their products. Some I have paid off early during tax return time, totaling over $5000.

Back in 2009 I had a horrible experience with a manager that harassed the 10 people on my references and called me at work 3 times each day when my payment was only 5 days late. I told him I spoke with someone at the office to notate the account that I will be making the payment on the 30th. He yelled at me & stated that it is unacceptable and that I must return my item. I reminded him of the fact that I was never late before. Needless to say, he continued to harass me and my references until the 30th when I went into the store and made an official complaint. I also sent the complaint letter to the corporate office for his unprofessionalism. He eventually was fired (a month later).

Let's forward to 2011. I am leasing a TV that's due on the 15th of every month. The only reason I went back to Aarons is because the PREVIOUS tv I purchased from them light bulb blew and the costs would have been $500 for me to fix. So I opted to go with the quickest fix. I tend to round off my payments (if it's $141, I'll pay $150) so I have been overpaying for the past year. In June, I paid $120 on the 15th, when I should have paid $140. By the 17th, the harassment & the rude conversations started all over again. I sent a check on the 30th to cover the outstanding and intolerable amount of $20 that I should have been ARRESTED for and they returned the check stating that they will not except it because my lease has expired.

Because of the frustration, I chose to not paid them yet. And they won't get a payment until August 1. They tell you to call them if you're going to be late so they can "work with you" but that never happens. They're way of "working with you" is to return the item and they will give it back once you can pay. Nice trick.

The moral of the story: Don't argue with them or stress yourself out if you're unable to pay. If you do call to let them know when you can pay, and they start arguing with you, just hang up. Nothing will be resolved. Just send a letter stating when you ARE able to pay, that way it can be documented in your file, and then pay on that day. Ignore the calls, the home visits (yes, they will come to your house everyday with their big truck right at noon or 5pm for an account that's 2 days late).

Granted we go to Aarons because we can't afford to buy certain things right off the shelf, but at the same time, that's the reason why we are late! Because our budget may slip from time to time. I don't see what's the big deal. Landlords, car loans or even credit card companies aren't this vigorous. Most of all, the employees at Aarons are ghetto and broke themselves so they should be the main ones to understand if we are late.

It's one thing if you say you don't know when you can pay. But if you have an actual date, that's within 30 days, AND you offer to provide a post dated check, why would you still be treated as if you're a common criminal?


I have been called three times already because my payment was a day late. yeah thats because it was sunday and they said in the store that was fine.

hey Chaz!!! kiss my A@@

Taunton, mA


Aarons employees who work on 22nd Street in Saskatoon, they have a real attitude problem over the phone!! If you give them an ounce of irritation, or any attitude they talk right back to you!

Especially that older lady I forget her name long red hair, and the bald guy!! The problem was over a DVD player and a so called late fee! Um excuse me but I dont carry my contract with me 24/7 to know if there is a late fee or not and its been 6 months asif Im going to remember and re-summarize my contract daily!!

As your employees said to me `well its in the contract!!` Tell them to remind customers and explain the situation politely. If they can yell WELCOME TO AARONS when we walk in the door you can get them to be polite on the phone!!!


I agree with a lot of the comments posted here. However, I have had a relationship with Aarons for several years.

The store that I have dealt with has not ever given me a hard time, even when I was late. But, my fiance' had many problems with another store. The manager was very rude and they would run my credit card for payments that were not due. I believe that each experience has to do with each individual store.

Although I like dealing with the store that I deal with, the other one is very unprofessional and does not have good customer service.

Please understand that all are not the same. They smile in your face but will do whatever they have to do based on the type of "snakes" that work there.


I have been dealing with Aarons for several years, I have bought ALOT of merchandise through them, 3 computers, 2 tv's recliner, sofa, 2 stereos, digital camera, refrigerator. I have ALWAYS paid my payments and paid off everything.

This amounts to thousands upon thousands of dollars. In Sept 2008 I purchased a big screen tv from Aarons.. the cash price was $2200.00 naturally if you have to go to a rental place you cant afford that, so I have made payments totaling $3737.00 In may of this year I became I missed some payments on my TV, Aarons took me to court, the judge was clearly for aarons..telling me to give the tv back after paying over $4000.00 in payments and "fees" no judgment was ever awarded as I had it continued several times pending a bankruptcy Aarons mgr will not negotiate a settlement for me to pay a fair market value price for my tv.

I want to contact someone at the corporate office, but they will not give me anybody to contact.It seems as if the mgr has a personal interest in this tv as I have been told that the mgt and personnel have first choice of tv's and other merchandise once it's been repoed... any comments?


My biggest peeve with Aarons is their very poor customer service, and internal communications.

As others have mentioned, I get paid on the 5th and the 20th. I explained this to Aaron's and was told this would not be a problem - "We'll note it on your account".

Every 2nd or 3rd of the month, I get a call from the store to tell me my account is "terminated" or "not renewing", then another, automated cal, apparently from their corporate office, telling me to call the store.

On the 5th, I take my money in, and they're all smiles and happy to see me. I tell them about the calls and nobody knows anything about it, there's "nothing noted on the account". Nor is there the note telling them they agreed I would pay on the 5th.

So, we go through the dance again, they get the calendar out and we decide what day I'm going to come and see them and they "note the account" and it's all smiles and handshakes.

A month later, it happens again. "No, there's no notes on the account, are you sure you told us that?" Almost, but not quite, calling me a liar.

In general, their products are all good names and adequate for the purpose. Expensive, of course, but you're paying a high premium for the convenience of a payment plan that a bank or a credit card company won't give you. That's how Aarons make their money, and I have no problem with that.

It's when somehting goes wrong, or they have to deviate from a rigorous plan, that it all falls apart. Their people are simply not trained to deal with problems, their systems are not set up to have any flexibility, and, witha few exceptions, they recruit people who can't even *spell* words like "polite" or " customer relations".


these are the worst crooks in the world. i ended up paying more than 10,000dollars for

cheap furniture.the people in the store are of low class and they are dishonest.i'm filing a complait with better

business and i'm writing my congressman about this the end i am disable

and got sick they haressed everyday for 109.80 which went to 120.48.I will not let

anyone i know shop there and i will contac

AARP to assist that these shams cease.


These rent to own places are weak I have furnished my whole house then made no payments when they came to my house I told them if they didn't get off my porch I would let the dogs loose never seen them again that was 2 years ago. *** em all hahahaha


uh yes look it up people. according to the state statutes ..

depending on the statute..

you can be charged with rental theft.. usually felony if you owe more than a certain dollar amount.

many aarons that do what they are supposed to do will file criminal charges on customer accounts that stop paying.

Some JUDGES may not give the option to give the merchandise back.. they may just award the settlement payments..


oh and most states have pawn shops that link serial numbers etc to local authorities.. pawning in many areas of rental merchandise is also a felony in many states..

theres no fee for returning your merchandise in most rent to own companies before your payments get too much to bare.

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