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Stole my idenity. My ex works for aarons.

She forged my signature on some products to give away to her family. When cash customers come into her store she basically sells their mercgandise to them for the right now cash. There have been times when the same customers come inside and steal merchandise in front of the camera. She agrees to not call tge police because she knows her store will be audited.

She and most of her co workers rob the conpany and sell merchandise to people who allow thenm to use their names to hide accounts. Aarons haa to catch these folk but cannot. Since she paid off my account the racist brian pagent refused to do anything about it. Brian pagent is The vice president Tristain little *** butsince these guys are friends they allow the employees to sift the customers.

Recently brian pagent had a surrogate have a baby for his now wife angie who works in Aarons as well and since all these folks are friends who cares whay they do.the sad part about all of this is now this employee needs mental health treatment . He has basically called this woman a *** and got away with it claimimg it is how how talks. His girlfriend tristain is a blind man to facts because he wants all his home smart *** to have a job. Brian tell tristain the truth and stop licking his ***.

Then theres Rosa that works in the mabellton store. *** her and yvonne been robbing aarons for years but all they family members house this stolen merchandise.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We want to help as much possible.

Can you please email us at with a good contact number, email address and details of the issue so we can look more into this.

Thank you,


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