Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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I have bought most of my furniture from them and they r usually nice but they do get mean if I am late. I get mad back at them and say come and get your stuff I will go to rent a center.

One guy really harassed me I called manager be complained and asked for main company office to report that "Luis" and they apologized said they would talk to him and then they treated me a little better.

But yes they do call and call even my referral get called. If I have the money and don't go it I tell them I can't go car broke and they send someone to pick it up.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Glad to know that your issues are being resolved. We value our customers greatly! If you have any more issues feel free to email us at response@aarons.com with your issue, best number to contact you at and your name.

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