Brooklyn, New York
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How is this company still in business?? It doesn't make sense.

They're charging new retail value on prev. rented/damaged items. No one there does their job, inc. management, all they care about is money.

It's pathetic. Everyone there straight up lies, they don't mail/email documents, you cant view anything online except whatever pmt they enter claiming to be due. I called 4 x's req. a copy of my leases and pmt history to be either mailed or emailed.

The first time the rep said she'll have the mgr scan and email. The second time she said 'I'm stuffing the envelopes now'. The third time he said 'I'll see my mgr takes care of it'. The third time I actually spoke with a manager and of course at first it was 'oh i apologize for that my dm is in the office and he is giving me the ok to go to the bank and get postage'.

So I say o.k. great once i get then I'll make my pmts. Then he's like oh no if you're not going to pay then I'm not mailing this. Straight like that lol.

This can just go on and on bc I can be overpaid for who knows how long and I would never know. This is the attitude you as a mgr in a cs business has?

No no I am doing what i can to get this co. out of business and I urge everyone else to do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Going thru similar. Except I'm having severe allergic reactions to chemicals in the leather furniture.

Can't get them to understand.

All they say is short of expectations

Employees. That is not the customers fault

Start your rehire process before u fire so many people

This should not be the cudtomers problem

When I'm telling them I have anaphylactic episodes and they don't care - can't get much lower than that



I am so sorry that you feel this way and would love to help get your issues and concerns resolved as much as possible. We greatly appreciate your business and value you as a customer.

Can you please email us at with the primary name on the account, store name, zip code and the best contact number.

We will look into this for you and forward to the correct person to get resolved!

Thank you,


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