Cincinnati, Ohio

Please do not rent from these people as you can see even on these boards there remarks are offensive to anybody they only hire low class people who have no respect for others or they would not treat people this way if you are a day late they chase you down call you 20x a day bang on your doors and windows and try and intimidate you please do a google search read about the lawsuits, 1 man was even stabbed by an aarons employee don't give yourself a headache its not worth it, if you are unsure of what Im saying look it up or be late 1 payment you will see what I am talking about. If they think they can harass me anymore they will get there merchandise back out my second story window and they better be able to catch.

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I completely understand. they are a total nightmare.

I have reported them to the BBB, and next step is a lawyer. Good luck everyone!!!!!


I purchased a bedroom set and livingroom set from aaron's. They said everything was NEW,well when it was all delivered EVERYTHING was scratched up.

The matress was so bad, everytime it was sat on or bumped it squeeked.

So, i refused to pay them for something that i was not satisfied with. Now, they are threating to call the police.


I was not late on payments, they claimed to have had a NSF check from us. Our bank gave us the proof that the check was paid.

They harassed me so much on my cell phone while I was seeing patients I had to get a new cell phone number. 32 call within 3 hours by Kody and Ronnie from the New Iberia store. Ronnie also caused damage with their truck while at my home.

Aaron's is yet to repair the damages. We are will be taking them to court over all the B S they have put us through.

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