Salem, Ohio

I rented from Aarons sales and leases and the service was top of the line! They did everything from delivery and setting up to the follow up and answered any concerns.

The customer service was exceptional. They cared about helping me and making sure I was happy! The price was 70% cheaper than most other places I called about a bedroom set!!!!

Plus they had much better payment deals and services that lasted the entire time of the loan and 90 day same as cash. I can not tell you how happy we both were :) thank you Aarons!!!!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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AARON'S RENTS IN SALEM OREGON really goes after new customers to the EXTREME.. I live in Dexter, Kansas..1,855miles east of their store & they have called me two days in a row...

Called them this morning, asked them WHY?? male that answered HUNG UP ON ME... G R E A T A T T I T U D E !! Glad I have never shopped with them !

! & NEVER Will.



This is wonderful! I am happy to hear such great reviews from a customer!!

We greatly appreciate your business and value you as a customer!! #OwnIt!!!

Thank you,


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