Rapid City, South Dakota

Aarons Rental is absolutely the worst business on the continent. Not only did they misrepresent their product pricing to my sister, but they man handles me (I was a silent observer)

Heres the story:

My sister went into the Aarons in Rapid City SD to check out any cash and carry sofas they may have. They had a previously rented couch for $200, which my sister purchased. She then went home and proceded to give away her livingroom furniture in anticipation of her new one being delivered. 4 days later she was still waiting..(great service..no call, no show) she contacted Aarons and was told the sofa she had purchased had bed bugs!!! (Why was it out for sale infested???) She was asked to come in and discuss this with them. She advised them she had already disposed of her older furniture. When she went in, they refused to give her any compensation for their error, and forced her into a rental agreement on a sectional for $124 monthly payments..telling her they would credit what she had already paid.

She called Aarons to advise them she would be in April 4 to make her payment, (3 days after due, due to work hours) they called at least 7 times in those three days.

When we went in to make her $124 payment, she was told her payment was $151 and would be each month, that she had $9 credit rather than what she should have remaining from the original $200 ...the man was extremely rude and spoke to her as if she had the comprehension of a knat. My sister was understandably upset..he would not explain where her original $200 went, nor would he say anything about the higher payment except "taxes". My sister became quite agitated and stated "Come and get your F*&^*& couch. Now I know she shouldn't have used profanity, but when someone is that upset, it happens. This man came unglued and started screaming "Get out of my store!!!" at the top of his lungs. My sister started out the door and I made a move to follow her. I turned around halfway out and was about to suggest to this gentleman this is not a proper way to handle a customer dispute, when he came up behind me and started pushing on my shoulder to leave. I told him to get his hands off me, as I had done nothing wrong. He stated he was merely escorting me out the door as he continued to push on my shoulder. I advised him again not to touch and reminded him he had no right to touch anyone. He then continued to scream "Get out of my store or I will call the police" I told him not to bother, I would do it for him. Now I did call the police, but due to an extremely inadequate 911 operator, I wound up hanging up and will file a police report in person at the police station. I will file this just prior to my visit with an attorney. Aarons has so many complaints, it's surprising they are still in business. Reading their contract agreements is an exercise in futility. There are so many hidden charges and the intrest rate is around 400% if you make minimum payments. They really need to regulated like these check cashing places. The biggest crime here is pushing my sister into an agreement she did not want after they sold her something that should not have been sold. Shame on them.

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I am so pissed off rt now....I am a long long term customer of Aarons and they have treated me like I just didn't matter in this situation. This is my 3rd contract with Aarons.

This purchase contract I have with Aarons I was renting a refridgerator and a Dryer...I have paid 15 months of a 24 month contract with them. I recently had to move due to some family issues and my move was sudden. I didn't have a place to stay for about a month or so and I called Aarons to come and pick up the items due to their so called contract, that you are not to move the furniture while you are still under contract. So I called them to have them to pick up the itmes so that I can have to deliver them to my new house.

Now due to me moving outside the area where my account was originally set up, I would have to have the account transferred to a store in my area. Now as I stated in the beginning I only have 9 payments left to complete my contract. Bur since I am transferring to a new store they treated me like a new customer. So I had to go through the new customer process.

So in that process they were doing an employment verification, but I just gotten laid off from my job, but I was guaranteed my unemployment, not only do I get unemployment I get child support, which is enough for me to make my payments and they will not allow me to get my refridgerator back to complete these last 9 months of my contract. I am so hurt, I feel like they have taken my money and just said forget you.


I am a CAM for Aarons, and on behalf of all the employees who do not know how to treat customers, I apologize...now one thing that is protocol is collecting payment from people that are past due. It doesn't matter if you are 1 day late or 40 days late, you are still late and your account is treated that way regardless.

Now just because of this doesn't mean you have to be unprofessional about your work. I always listen to my customers and always try to accommodate them as best I can. The first couple of days are courtesy calls to remind them that there agreement is non-renewed, after the 5th day, well its more like, hey I gave you a few days to pay, now what's going on? But again, in a very professional matter.

And a lot of Aarons employees are probably thinking, yeah right so you must have the highest nons in the region, but I don't think so. For the October cycle I closed at 23.60 percent on nons so go figure...its all about how you treat people and LAC them when they pay late.

Then customers feel so bad just because you always help them, that they end up paying on time every time. We have 1050 customers and I'd say 90% of them pay on time...thanks to my customers, I have a JOB!!!!


listen my fam he is an *** n if he still working there after that yes get a lawyer he shouldnt be there but bed bug o i still b punching his *** rite now.....


Well actually *** buster...if your not calling in the 4 days your not doing your job!! The calling starts on the 2nd day!

Second the calls are 2 times in 1 day! If you don't want the calls its as simple as picking up the phone and saying Ill pay on this day and live up to your agreement or even just pay on time!!!

Its really embarrassing to have employees of Aarons pushing people and not even know the program correctly that they aren't even able to defend our company!!! Just some of the employees are idiots!


*** aarons starts calling befor the payment is due and to work there the only thing you have to be is a totaly *** and they due call 5 or 6 times a day....


Idiotbuster, You are the liar! They call on the day an account is due to see "what time to expect you to come in" There is no 4 day grace period either. What an *** you are, no wonder Aaron's is so screwy they have employees like you!


it's reassuring to see Aaron's employees visit this site. Unfortunately, it's not the right ones.


Oh and Adam, you\'re a real winner too. :roll Sheesh! Now I know where all the *** work.


Idiotbuster...I don't know these people OR you (Thank God) but I can clearly see what a *** *** you are. GEEEZ.

And it just goes to show what kind of CREEPS work at Aarons. :roll


So Idiotbuster and Adam, you obviously work for Aarons, since you have all the details.

I guess it's easy for your manager to push around women huh? Both you sorry losers need to get a life.

I wish I would have been there and the sorry *** put his hands on my wife or sister. He'd still be picking up the pieces.

Bottom line People. Pay cash.

Screw credit. daveramsey.com


Not really sure why YOU contacted the attorney. The situation was between your SISTER and the store, isn't she old enough to fight her own battles? Or are you the kind of person, who looks for any opportunity to make a fast buck by suing instead of actually working for a living?

As for the cost increasing, I can explain that really fast:

Sectional Price:

$129.99-base lease rate


$9.09-Sales tax

Total monthly payment, $152.07

You sister came in for a used, piece of *** couch and loveseat for $200, the store didn't deliver that set due to bugs, so instead she got a brand new set for convenient monthly payments. She missed a payment, was called about the past due payment, then told the store manager to get his *** sofa. I guess in order to please you, the store should have just kept their mouth shut about the bug infested couch, dropped it off, and said sorry about your luck.

What a ***.


Your sister and yourself are liars. Nobody called your sister 7 times in the 3 days following her due date.

If you look at the agreement your sister signed it will clearly state she has a 4 day grace period to make her monthly payment.

The Customer Accounts Manager is too busy trying to contact the plethora of non paying losers who are 30 or more days late to ever worry about someone within the grace period. Flat out liar.

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