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My sister went into the Aarons in Rapid City SD to check out any cash and carry sofas they may have. They had a previously rented couch for $200, which my sister purchased. She then went home and proceded to give away her livingroom furniture in anticipation of her new one being delivered. 4 days later she was still waiting..(great service..no call, no show) she contacted Aarons and was told the sofa she had purchased had bed bugs!!! (Why was it out for sale infested???) She was asked to come in and discuss this with them. She advised them she had already disposed of her older furniture. When she went in, they refused to give her any compensation for their error, and forced her into a rental agreement on a sectional for $124 monthly payments..telling her they would credit what she had already paid.

She called Aarons to advise them she would be in April 4 to make her payment, (3 days after due, due to work hours) they called at least 7 times in those three days.

When we went in to make her $124 payment, she was told her payment was $151 and would be each month, that she had $9 credit rather than what she should have remaining from the original $200 ...the man was extremely rude and spoke to her as if she had the comprehension of a knat. My sister was understandably upset..he would not explain where her original $200 went, nor would he say anything about the higher payment except "taxes". My sister became quite agitated and stated "Come and get your F*&^*& couch. Now I know she shouldn't have used profanity, but when someone is that upset, it happens. This man came unglued and started screaming "Get out of my store!!!" at the top of his lungs. My sister started out the door and I made a move to follow her. I turned around halfway out and was about to suggest to this gentleman this is not a proper way to handle a customer dispute, when he came up behind me and started pushing on my shoulder to leave. I told him to get his hands off me, as I had done nothing wrong. He stated he was merely escorting me out the door as he continued to push on my shoulder. I advised him again not to touch and reminded him he had no right to touch anyone. He then continued to scream "Get out of my store or I will call the police" I told him not to bother, I would do it for him. Now I did call the police, but due to an extremely inadequate 911 operator, I wound up hanging up and will file a police report in person at the police station. I will file this just prior to my visit with an attorney. Aarons has so many complaints, it's surprising they are still in business. Reading their contract agreements is an exercise in futility. There are so many hidden charges and the intrest rate is around 400% if you make minimum payments. They really need to regulated like these check cashing places. The biggest crime here is pushing my sister into an agreement she did not want after they sold her something that should not have been sold. Shame on them.

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I too have been a loyal customer with AARONS in calif have paid off 2 laptops and was paying on a third one a room mate decided to go in an payoff right after I made a payment his name was no where on the contract however they allowed him to pay off without me being notified.. and the guy has the laptop this was not a gift it was a second laptop for me.

I allowd him to use. they now say its my problem.. i currently have a Big screen despretely tring to pay off. my paydates conflict with theres so im always late they pound on my door after only 2 days late after i call them to tell them when ill be in they act like im gonna stll the *** fed up this place needs to go out of business i believe they are all trained they same way from what others are saying..

had to vent im pissed .. :(


Save your money up and just make a purchase.None of there furniture is worth what u pay after all the dam finance charges!


WOW! I was considering this company for a new tv but there are so many horror stories on this site I WILL NOT!!

I personally would have pressed charges for assault on this person! It is not legal for them to place their hands on you REGARDLESS of what you may have said or done!

As a retail manager I know this as a fact. I would consider it if it hasn't been too long.


i am purchasing a magnabox 32 in tv. in nov2009 it started messing up.i called them to come and repair the tv inwhich i had 4 paymtent left.

guy came out in march and lokked at the tv and told me it was i cord. i told him i had calledcomcast. and that the replace everything i had a new box and new cords but the tv turn green.they didnt have a tv.i could look at while the tryed to fix it. so here i am 4 payment away from owning the tv.

and if i give it back i have nothing. they said that i could forget one payment. what a laugh..the said that they arent making my tv and that it would be hard to find part so what do i do. i am not giving up my tv after i paid mymoney each month for it.

and now because the tv isnt working right i lost out. i will not make a nother payment until my tv is repair. i read the agreement and they were to replace the tv and allow you another while they repair it but not in this case.i really dont know what to do. do i purchase another tv in the beginng i thought that aaron was the place for people with out good creidt .

i have pair a few thousand dollars fro this tv. and now they give me there but to kiss what can i do?


You might see "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act" (www.ftc.gov) and call federal (1-877-382-4357) and state authorities - they will help you.

This act is very strict and it is possible that Aaron's violated laws and will settle with you just because they wouldn't want to deal with it i.e. spend money on their lawyers and alike.

If they slender and/or libel you in anyway, you might look into civil action/laws.

In any case, make sure you got evidence i.e. phone records, who called you and what they said.

Also, you could contact you local press, the U.S. congressman, the U.S. senators and consumer advocacy groups.


Former Aaron’s manager


Aaron's rent-to-own is the most inappropriate, lying, and manipulative company we have ever encountered. They have "brutus" who comes to the door (paid to be aggressive), pounding on the door, and I mean POUNDING...knocking photos off walls.

Why??? Because our payment was 3 days late!!! "Brutus" threatened our daughter, as my wife and I were out of town, saying, "I need $60 dollars today, to get this account current, or else." Our daughter called to inform us of the incident, and made the statement, "I have more debt than I should, but it seems pretty ridiculous to be coming after someone, and pounding on a door over 60 bucks." She's 21, and *** smart!! We filed a police report for the threat and damages, contacted the corporate office (another joke) and made the manager at the local office very aware of the situation--we were told, "He's a big guy, it may just seem like he pounds on the door." We were also told, the same individual "has been in trouble before, for the same complaint.".....Interesting....When

"brutus" knocked at our door, and threatened my daughter, we had only 3 payments left for our merchandise, yet this company acted like we never ever paid a dime.

In addition, once we filed our complaint with the corporate office, we were promised a return call from the corporate manager following a review--didn't get that; called back, and was told, "the corporate manager will be at the location in your area on Friday; he will call you then, as will the district manager." Again, no phone calls. Absolutely ridiculous!! No company can continue to prosper with such an obvious lack of customer service. If they truly believe that Michael Waltrip will keep them afloat, even when he goes part-time next season, then perhaps all our complaints need to go to their "signature guy" for resolution.

I can honestly say, the face/name of Michael Waltrip did NOT influence the items my wife and wasted our money on. The harrassment has not stopped with this company...apparently, they do not want anyone to pay off their balances, because they prefer to "repo" all items nearly paid for in order to resell them for a greater profit!!

When YOU are the buyer YOU are in control...buyer beware!!! NEVER RENT FROM AARONS!!


I really don't understand why anyone woould rent something and make payments weekly. I noticed one person was pay over $100.00 for a living room set a month.

If you can pay that, you can buy furniture and pay by the month. When I first started out, I bought a living room set from a store called Babcock, it wasn't the top of the line, but at least it was mine when I finished paying for it. I paid about $70.00 per month for one year and it was mine. I know someone that rents jewelry from RAC and pays for it.

When she's finished paying for it, she could of had paid for three items. Some people never learn. I rather do without. I can honestly say that my parents rented a dryer from them for one week because ours konked out and we had a family of eight.

Needless to say, we needed it right then. My parents went out the following weekend and purchased a new dryer.




Well about the bed bugs.... I believe that EVERY Aarons has problems with bed bugs, which is totally disgusting!!

my soon to be ex husband works as a delivery driver of the Aarons in DeKalb IL.

and they get furniture back ALL THE TIME with bed bugs, sometimes they just clean the stuff real good and re sell it, sometimes they have to toss the stuff. Because of hearing all the stories of these bed bugs, I WOULD NEVER BUY ANYTHING USED FROM EITHER A PERSON OR STORE, ONLY NEW!!


I am considering renting from somewhere other than RAC they have treated me horribly, the one guy made me so upset that I ended up crying. I am not a cry baby and it was mostly frustration.

So as of the 20th of this month they are coming to pick up their ***. I do not believe the amount I had paid for 6 weeks is worth it. The merchandise and people are very shady.

I went into the Aarons in Port Charlotte Florida and spoke with a woman who had worked for RAC for awhile and she said they were rude to her also. Aarons storeroom had really nice stuff, and I was pleased at the cost so I am considering it.

Just because you do not have good credit does not necessarily mean you are the lowest of the low. I know I am not.


When I lived in Hammond,In at my address on Conkey street I had only a bed when i moved in.. Of course i wanted my abode to be furnished so i went to the Aarons which was located on Sohl street .

The mgr(James) and the staff was always professional and always friendly i became a loyal customer for 4 yrs. But i will say this when the store moved to Calumet street the mgmt and staff was the type of people i had to kill with kindness because i felt as though they're mannerism and conduct and there professional appearance was at times were snobish,rude,and just didn't care about "the customer". Case in point my house which i rented on 612 Conkey had flooded and the dinette set and the loveset set ,which i had purchased from Aarons;were a total loss now at the same time i also was purchasing a refrigator now because i stressed out i became late on my payment for the refrigator . Now of course after the several courtesy call and the not so courtesy calls .

So when i did finally get a chance to go make my payment of course i asked to speak to the mgr on duty and i wanted to know about the policy on replacing my sets which i previously lost in the flood and i had pictures with my contracts of the sets the mgr talked to me so nice,nasty that is when i realized that this store in Hammond was going in a direction of which i was not comfortable in being a consumer customer. You know people I work and work hard for my money and i want nice things and i recognized that some of your "employees" are just workin' folks just like me but it should be understood the workin' folks that choose to be your customers are people with children, 2 jobs,school, and etc.. just people like themselves and are really no difference.

Because the reality of it all "the customer" has to realized it is a choice to be a consumer with this company.

And the "company" need to realize that each store and mgmt team are a reflection of the training that is allowed with comfort and not reprimand. :zzz :roll ;)


thats so weird. the people i have delt with at aarons have been great.

yes i do agree that the prices suck. but i just went through a bankruptcy and need to build my credit.

rent a center here does not match there prices and they are twice as high. if my credit was just a little better i would go through conn's.


Denise...? I would advise you to read the 2nd post by Karen.

THAT is exactly what you should have done. Hopefully you learned your lesson. When YOU are the buyer YOU are in control, NEVER forget that and you'll always feel more comfortable making large purchases. I learned myself the hard way many yrs ago.

I did a rent to own thing for a $700.00 Stereo system, that ended up costing me almost $2,500. Kudos to you Karen.

The manager may have been out of line but stores like aarons serve a certain market and for some people its the only way they can afford anything nice.




We went to the Aaron's store in Longview, Washington and found a couch and loveseat that we really liked. We were told the quoted price included tax and delivery.

The next day when we went back to pay for it we were told there would be another $240 for tax and delivery. We took the $1800 back that we had just handed them for the couch and loveseat and walked out the door.

I think we were extremly lucky that we didn't buy anything from them. The manager could use some lessons in customer service because he scored an F with us.

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